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  1. jthompson1995

    Help with a couple sheaffer fountain pens

    I just got these two Sheaffer fountain pens that were my grandfathers. The resin on these is in pretty good shape but the metal components on the outside of the cap are pretty corroded. I think they are piston filled but I'm not sure how to use the mechanism yet or test if they still work...
  2. Lenny

    Majestic Jr. fountain

    My first attempt at turning a Majestic Jr. rollerball resulted in a nice pen that wouldn't "post", as the plastic threads got bunged up. So for my second try I decided to do a fountain out of Amboyna burl. =0) It was also my first attempt at adding blo to the finishing process with the CA.
  3. S

    First Few Fountain Pens

    I finally picked up a few fountain pens to try. They’re all Jr. Gents. All are finished with BLO/CA. The first is ebony. The second is sapele (thanks paprgypc). Third is paduak. The ebony is my favorite, as I think the blank and the copper set each other off just right. As always, any and...
  4. B

    Help Identifying Fountain Pen Part

    I bought my first Fountain Kit, a Traditional from Penn State. Followed the instruction to the letter and the pen came out just fine. The Problem is I had a part left over (always a bad sign). It is not pictured or mentioned in the instructions. Can anyone help me identify it and its...
  5. S

    Baron FP Problem, help

    Hello All, I sold a baron fp at a show a couple of weeks ago and got a message from the owner yesterday. Never had this problem arise before. Just finished reading the information on adjusting the nib in the library. Does this sound like a nib adjustment problem? Any and all comments are...
  6. juteck

    One for my daughter

    I made this for my 12-yr old daughter after she showed interest in some fountain pens I made for her aunt. My daughter is a lefty, and writes with the pen near vertical, so I don't know how well she'll adapt to a fountain pen, so I made this as a convertible rollerball -- the spring is glued in...
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