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  1. C

    Another Kitless, Alumilite Lava Explosion #03

    Just finished this one up last night. Was going to keep it but going to part with it! #6 Jowo 1.1 stub nib writes great!
  2. budnder

    First Kitless

    Well, it's my first if I don't count a few aborts trying to figure out the process.. :smile: Body is a alumilite water clear with Mica powder swirled in and cast in a PVC tube. Section is Delrin. I filled the divots from turning between centers on each end with red epoxy. Nib is a #5 Jowo...
  3. Lenny

    Paua Abalone Jr. Aaron fountain pen

    Finished this one the other day. Thanks go out to Ron Robbins and Ed and Dawn at Exotics for the blank and Jon at Signature Pens for the Aaron.
  4. S

    Anybody tried the new dip pen from PSI?

    Just got an email in today ... the new dip pen is in and available! You get 5 per order, they come with 7mm tubes, 5 small sections (metal), and 5 screw-in fountain pen nibs. They are designed to be used in-line with the handle of a pen that can be turned between centers or with a closed...
  5. K

    End of the Semester

    Finally got some time, now that the semester is done, to turn a couple of new pens. The first is a commissioned piece that I hand't tried before - an antique pewter Celtic Fountain pen. The second is a chrome Navigator roller ball pen out of a mystery wood from my random stack =)
  6. V

    Emboyna Burl Fountain pen - my first fountain pen

    I have just completed my first fountain pen. I've been sitting on this Windsor kit I got from The Golden Nib (TGN) for a long time. I just did not have the time or tools to make it. It required 31/64" and 33/64" bits, which I finally got. I also splurged on the Amboyna burl blank for this pen. I...
  7. spindlecraft

    Snakewood Fountain Pen

    I finished this guy up over the weekend, and am pretty happy with how it came out. I've gotten a few remarks regarding how "fat" I made the body. This is mostly just a personal preference of mine. I personally like a weightier pen, and it feels better in my hand. This was my first attempt at...
  8. R

    Some of my most recent Pens

    Left to Right: 24k Gold Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Cocobolo Gunmetal Bolt Action Bullet Pen with Indian Ebony Antique Brass Celtic Pen with Cocobolo Chrome Presimo Fountain Pen with Genuine Mahogany. I made these for several different orders for a few people. It only took about 3 hours...
  9. K

    Back in the Shop!

    after a long semester with three classes, I finally found time to get out to the shop. Made a great cedar fountain pen for an old boss, and great friend. Not my best work, but I am happy with it. C&C welcome!
  10. denniszoomy

    Monkey Pen

    This is the latest pen I did it is a fountain pen if you look closely you can see the face of two monkeys on it one happy and one not. i also add the pic of the blank before it was turned C&C welcome. Dennis
  11. J

    pen threads

    Could anyone please tell me the tap and dies for pens like the atrax and juniour gent please
  12. gordonfraser

    Expertise & Precision Sought

    Hello I am an ex-penturner, having sold my lathe due to a change of residence not having the space/area needed for a workshop. I am quite sad still about this, and use my kit-less pens every day still, and miss the enjoyment of creating these one-off pieces. I have still been drawing away...
  13. drgoretex

    Flamed Cane: applying fly rod building techniques to pen making

    Hello folks. Been a while since I posted, so I thought I would put a few pics of things I've been up to lately. Flamed cane fountain pen with garnet thread wrap Before falling headlong into pen making, I used to (and still do occasionally) build fly fishing rods - both graphite and bamboo...
  14. Texas Penworks

    White Tail Antler & Wood Fountain Pen

    This pen was made from White Tail Deer Antler, Teak & Ebony woods accented with a 24 kt Gold Tycoon Fountain Pen Kit from PSI. It was a little tricky getting the antler ends square but it turned out ok in the end.
  15. M

    Series 2000 Flat Top Fountain Pen Finial

    I just recently completed a Series 2000 Flat Top Fountain Pen and I do like the slim design. However, I felt that the black plastic finial tube looked cheap. Does anybody share this opinion? Is there a metal alternative to this finial? Or is the overall feel of the pen high quality? It was not...
  16. wortmanb

    My first posted pen

    I'm still working on my photography skills, but this pen is a spalted two-tone afzelia burl from Bad Dogs. It's also my first FP, and is one I may be keeping for myself. CA Finish, 6 coats, then buffed with a little carnauba wax on a wheel.
  17. BarbS

    Pristina Pen in Italian Acrylic

    My daughter in law will receive this Italian Acrylic Fountain Pen. Presents done at last!
  18. Lenny

    Manchurian in Red w/ Gold Matrix trustone

    My latest ... I've named this one "Manchurian" :wink: .... In Red with Gold Matrix trustone.
  19. jmbaker79

    A few more from the week

    Few more Jr. Gent's from this week. First off a Rhodium Jr. Gent I complete with Sodalite Tru-Stone, and Alt Bone Segments. Thought this was going to be a little cooler than it turned out to be. Too much negative space on the cap. Thinking about having the cap laser engraved, and color...
  20. butchf18a

    Cambridge, Brooks Vintage Blue

    Cambridge Fountain Pen, Brooks Vintage Blue blank
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