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  1. Lenny

    Roman Harvest Trustone

    I finished this one the other day. Roman Harvest with White w/Gold Matrix trustone. I had debated using Gold Titanium w/Rhodium accents but decided I liked it better with Rhodium w/Gold titanium accents. What do you think? Those choices are always difficult for me, but I tend to prefer the look...
  2. W

    News story about FP Ink and how it flows

    I came across this today and thought it might interest those who enjoy using Fountain pens:biggrin:. Just ignore the comments, they must be from NON-Users:eek:!! Enjoy
  3. T

    Custom Olivewood Prototype

    This fountain pen has been an idea in my head for a few years now, and this is my first successful attempt at it. I still have a few processes to iron out as I develop this design (hidden clip, CA finish, wall thicknesses), but as a proof of concept I am very pleased with how this pen came out...
  4. Lenny

    Triton Fountain Pen in Red w/Gold Matrix Tru-Stone

    Another Triton in Tru-Stone ... this one Red with Gold Matrix. This tru-stone turns very easliy! Comments or suggestions welcome.
  5. HeathRiley

    Oregon Tru-Quarter

    Here's one from a pair of nearly identical twins commissioned by my state representative. He asked for a couple pens that symbolized Oregon, preferably with some Oregon timber, to give as gifts. The barrels are Oregon Myrtlewood (much better to turn and prettier than Doug Fir). Finished with...
  6. Lenny

    Amboyna Burl Triton

    I made this today .... Amboyna Burl on Triton Components. A rollerball but it will easily convert to a fountain. To bad they don't sell components that include each option. :eek::smile: That'll NEVER happen! :biggrin::wink: Comments and critiques welcome. Thanks for looking! :smile:
  7. C

    Assembling the fountain pen!!PLZ HELP!!

    Hello fellow woodturners. I've been turning pens now for the past year now and I've just recently tried making a fountain pen. Jr. Gentleman to be precise. the pen is completely assembled, I just cant figure out how to get the ink flowing. Sounds crazy I guess, but the directions I pulled up...
  8. Lenny

    Herbie Roman Harvest fountain pen

    Some of you will remember the "Herbie" wood donated by Dan Horrowitz (witz1976) as part of the IAP fundraiser. Bidders were very generous and it brought in quite a bit of money for the IAP. The generousity did not end there however! :smile: A few days after Ernie Borraga (EBorraga) won the...
  9. Lenny

    El Grande fountain pen from my second PR cast

    I got a request for a fountain pen using a blank from my second PR casting. Made this one today. It's a platinum El Grande Streamline.
  10. Lenny

    HRB on a Majestic

    My first pen since early December. A Majestic fountain pen. This is a piece of Honduran Rosewood Burl I purchased from Johnm here on IAP. Thanks, John! Finished with several coats of thin CA, then med. CA. Micromeshed up through all grits, then polished with Novs2 and PlastX. Finally a...
  11. louie56


    Like to share this, Fountain Pen design by Muhammad "ALI" today I had the chance to see his pen being display in Oak Brook, Illinois at Paridise Pen at the mall. This pen was made by Montegrappa ITALIA. Pictures were very hard to take cuz the pen was in a secure glass display case with lights...
  12. louie56

    Vanishing Fountain Pen

    Does anyone know where i can get vanishing fountain pen kit. Namiki Co. in Japan makes the real one. This pen nib actually retracts back in the tube when you press the top clicker.:smile:
  13. Lenny

    Triton Tru-Stone fountain pen

    This was my first tru-stone attempt, a Black with Gold Matrix on a Triton fountain pen. Had a little trouble getting it to "shine" using my regular methods. Thanks to Andy (PenMan1) for some helpful advice, here is what I ended up with ... Comments welcome!
  14. Lenny

    Jeff Powell Blood Moon fountain pen

    Jeff Powell's Blood Moon blank from exoticblanks on a Rhodium Jr. Gent II fountain pen. I used several coats of CA for the finish, sanded with micro mesh pads, followed by plastic polish and then buffing with Xfine and fine using the methods George (Texatdurango) uses as he posted here...
  15. D

    Pens for Son's Wedding

    My son is getting married in mid-September. Today he asked if I could make 4 white pens for the reception. He would like 2 gel and 2 ink fountain pens. Any suggestions as to style and material?
  16. J

    Fountain pen (non-cartridge) supplier?

    Good afternoon. Does anyone know if there are any suppliers for fountain pen kits that do not use ink cartridges? These probably would be vaccuum or lever filled. Thanks much.
  17. jskeen

    Assembly steps for Fountain Pens

    I started this in a reply, and it got a little off topic, so I decided to post it and get some others to comment on it, add to it, point out my obvious mistakes for me, ect. So, here's my process for assembling a screw cap pen (90 percent of the pens I do are either gents or jr's, btw)...
  18. L

    Parking a Fountain Pen?

    In a post in the "Show off your Pens" forum Whaler shared a beautiful Desk Set featuring a rollerball and it's desk stand. ( ) Photo by Dick This has inspired an idea and I would like to substitute a fountain pen but have serious...
  19. BobBurt

    El Toro FP

    This is the first one that I've made of these, Nice kit Thanks for looking
  20. jedgerton

    Jr. Gent FP Issue

    Guys, I have very little experience with FP's so perhaps someone can give me some advise. I have a Rhodium plated Jr. Gent FP where the nib will barely reach the threads that hold it into the metallic tube. In fact, I didn't think it threaded into the metallic tube at all but on a second...
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