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  1. Turning Point Pen Co.

    Introduction Post: Michael/Turning Point Pen Co.

    Hi! I'm Michael, I was introduced to turning (and pen making) when I was in Middle School back in 2005. I found a passion in making these rectangular materials into shiny cylindrical objects, and kept turning as a hobby through high school and college. The turning point for me was after...
  2. D

    In-depth study on making bespoke pen clips?

    There is a couple of reference guides here and a couple of YouTube vids out on making clips but besides that,I don’t see much. I see Castro has a great vid on turning 50 cal brass into clips but is there a place I can go to learn how to make these things from scratch like cutting and bending...
  3. W

    Swedish Birch Fountain Pen

    2 years ago when walking around my family's garden I found this cool little looking birch "tree" which was growing horizontally with 2 trees growing vertically on top. I knew immediately that it would be some great wood for making pens! After letting it dry for almost 2 years, it was now finally...
  4. AnOldHorseKnowsTheWay,viragefountainpen,markison,Oct2,2017,800px.jpg


    An Old Horse Knows the Way; Handmade Paper Chinese Calligraphy Fountain Pen
  5. Image Sent for Cigar Pen Blank Color

    Image Sent for Cigar Pen Blank Color

    This was the image sent of the fountain pen from a European maker for which I was asked to come up with similar colors for a Cigar pen.
  6. pnemox

    Fishy Fountain

    Ok, so here is my first attempt at a fountain pen and it was a lot of fun. I used the Artisan Jr. Statesman kit in Rhodium and Black. This was my second attempt with black stingray and I think it was much better. Let me know what you think. Hey, anyone know of a good US supplier of Bock nibs...
  7. darrin1200

    FP in Tasmanian Myrtle Burl

    I haven't post anything for a while. This was my latest creation submitted to the PAG Best in Show 2019. Now that the competition is over, I can post photos. This is my largest pen so far, at 15.8mm body and an 11.5mm cap. The material is Tasmanian Myrtle Burl with Japanese Ebonite and Bronze...
  8. T

    Art Nouveau kitless fountain pen

    My latest attempt has an art nouveau theme, featuring a hand carved copper barrel and cap, with ebonite section. The pen took about two weeks to make and was finished about a week ago, then I spend two days on the box. The leather box has a carved and painted top to match the theme of the...
  9. Rangertrek

    Pinto Horse Assoc. Auction Pens

    This is my 5th year commission from a master judge with the Pinto Horse Assoc. of America. These pens will be auctioned for their youth riding programs. All are in deer antler, all have laser engraving of various Pinto Associations. One stand is laser engraved, and one is done with uv ink...
  10. R

    Milwaukee, WI

    Hey all, Im new to pen making and Im gathering information for making a fountain pen from scratch nib and all. I have a plan roughed out for making a vacuum barreled fountain. I plan on recycling a bowling ball for the feed and using tubing for just about everything else. Im a student at UWM so...
  11. Woodchipper

    Dad's old fountain pen

    I was going through old photos and labeling them. Dad had a box that held a lot of things including this old fountain pen. It is a Parker. It is black and may have some accenting in the grooves. I think he might have had this during WWII in the South Pacific. Not really sure how old it is. Don't...
  12. M

    Sealing a cap

    Hi, One problem I've noticed with the fountain pens that I turn is that the cap does not keep the nib dry for all that long compared to mass-produced fountain pens. I'm thinking of trying silicone to seal the cap and I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this, or has a technique to seal the...
  13. H

    What nibs for Navigator fountain kit?

    I have a customer that wants to know what kind of nibs are compatible with her Navigator fountain pen, she is an artist and will want very specific nibs, so I am really asking what kinds can't go with it. Thank you in advance for any help!
  14. P

    The Vertex supreme roller & fountain pen kit

    I was looking at this kit its the Vertex Supreme roller & fountain pen kit from penn state industries and was looking into working on this later in the week when its warmer. The diagram shows the ink pump a rollester ink, also the kit comes with a cartridge that you can stick on their...
  15. JLL

    kitless fountain pen Deco flat model

    Pen size (approximate.) Maximum diameter 16mm Capped: 150 mm Uncapped: 130 mm Made in ebonite and italian acrylate
  16. P

    Found in a antique store

    I came across this pen in a antique mall thats in ravenna ohio. I have to say it was a very awesome find, and as I looked at it through the glass I said to my self I need to buy this so I did. I came home and looked up some information about it when I bought it I had asked the clerk what...
  17. P

    Concava & Classic Fountain pen

    Both of these pens were made about a week ago and by far my two favorite ones the classic fountain pen with zebra wood, and the concava pen with lucitylic blank I bought when I first started turning pens. I really like both of these pens and they write fantastic...
  18. S

    Getting into kitless fountain pens

    I would like to get into kitless Fountain pens, could anyone help me with what exactly I need for the whole process? What materials would you recommend? Tips on making the pen would be helpful too. Thank you in advance - Sebastian
  19. L

    The Last Emperor

    Every once in awhile a pen just takes your breath away. Original style Titanium Emperor Fountain Pen with stabilized spalted Big Leaf Maple Burl barrels. Headed out to a customer tomorrow. I think I'll just cherish it today.
  20. C

    First Bulb Filler Kitless Fountain pen

    Hello everyone, I got quite comfortable making kit less and decided i wanted to make something other than a cartridge converter pen. I had this Butterscotch acrylic laying around and ended up making this pen. Pen works well and fills smoothly. Holds right at 3ml of ink so it has a very large...
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