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  1. jrista

    First Fountain Pen - Artisan, Burgundy Gold

    This is my first fountain pen kit. An Artisan Signature, with a Boysenberry Burgundy "stardust" blank. Tubes painted red, to bring out more of the "burgundy" than "boysenberry," which I felt went better with the gold. Interesting kit, as it required filing a notch in the cap for the clip to fit...
  2. Toni

    Fly Away….

    This Fountain Pen is brand new for me. It took me some time to use it as I was waiting for the right Polymer Clay Millefiori Design to put on the tubes. Finally I had come up with it. This has Red Gerbera Flowers and Blue Birds Flying on the blanks. Thank you for looking!!
  3. R

    10mm fountain pen in Olive wood

    I love how this wood looks. I'm so glad I finally bought it. Easy to turn and has an impressive finish.
  4. E

    First Commission for a Kitless Pen

    This was my first commission, and it was a bear. Lots of failures, blowouts, separations, etc... Well worth the learning though, I have a whole different way of turning now thanks to @Pierre--- . My biggest challenge was the joinery between the acrylics and the aluminum, that is where most of...
  5. L

    Hello from Australia

    Hello all, I am reasonably new to pen turning. Have been looking at it for a few years, but only recently finished my first pen. Pen turning is a part of my larger hobby of machining and building things (to solve problems). I have a Hercus 260 lathe, Bridgeport clone mill, and a Prusa i3 3D...
  6. bvcreates

    My first two kitless/bespoke fountain pens

    Just finished up with my first three kitless pens. The first was the prototype so it's not worth showing here but the second and third turned out ok, I think. I made my own alumilite blanks and turned them on my smallish Rikon wood lathe using Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters (they are...
  7. Commander Shepard

    Kit recommendation & how to fix bad plating

    Good day, all, Some time ago, I picked up a pretty nice-looking FP kit (Prokraft's Byron Premium, claimed to be 24 Ct gold plated) and it's been working wonders for me (was used to cheap all-steel nibs), but a short while ago, I noticed that there were pretty noticeable scratches developing on...
  8. Majestic-Black & Gold TrueStone on BkTN

    Majestic-Black & Gold TrueStone on BkTN

    Majestic Fountain Pen Kit with a Black and Gold Truestone Blank
  9. Matt8643

    Custom pen from DiamondCast blank

    I just love these DiamondCast blanks. I wish I had more pics but thought I would share. I think my next step is to learn to add metal accent rings/bands on my pens.
  10. williamwoodwrite

    William Wood-Write Exclusive Sale: EROS CALLIGRAPHY

    Our exclusive Eros Calligraphy set is on sale for the price of just the kit, until tomorrow at Pick it up for only $15.99CAD. Shipping worldwide.
  11. ranchonodinero

    Baron and Jr Gent fountain pen kits

    5 Baron Fountain pen kits in satin nickel and bushings, 5 copper jr gent fountain pen kits and bushing. Plus 4 mystery ballpoint pen kits-they are a mystery because I don't know what they are other than they came from CSUSA and they are click style ball point pens. Shipped USPS flat rate...
  12. ranchonodinero

    5 Majestic Fountain pen kits

    5 Majestic Black TN/Rhodium fountain pen kits and bushing kit from Penn State. $125 SHIPPED USPS flat rate CONUS. Paypal only.
  13. wrjones224

    Need Advice: Replacing the Nib on the Noble Fountain Nib Kit

    Hello All! So it is my first run at creating some nicer fountain pens. These are the Silver noble kits...One of the nibs I used wrote pretty well but this one is pretty bad. Very scratchy and the ink doesn't seem to want to flow. I don't want to end up selling a high dollar pen if it's going to...
  14. spindlecraft

    Finished this guy up yesterday

    Kindly ignore the dirty threads. I still need to wipe it down. But this was a pen that I started and finished yesterday afternoon. This one marks my second completed kitless pen, and while still not perfect, proved to be yet another learning experience. I accidentally snapped the threads of...
  15. Bocote Triton Fountain Pen

    Bocote Triton Fountain Pen

    Triton fountain pen kit in Bocote. CA glue finish
  16. Lacewood Baron Fountain Pen

    Lacewood Baron Fountain Pen

    Baron kit lacewood FP with CA glue finish. The photos really don't do this one justice!
  17. Lacewood Baron Fountain Pen

    Lacewood Baron Fountain Pen

    Baron kit lacewood FP with CA glue finish. The photos really don't do this one justice!
  18. Curly Cherry Baron FP

    Curly Cherry Baron FP

    Curly Cherry FP from Baron Kit. This is my EDC pen. The blank is from a tree that was cut down at our home in Cleveland years ago. Finish is CA glue.
  19. fountain pen 2.JPG

    fountain pen 2.JPG

    Photo 2 of a recently completed fountain pen made from gray corian.
  20. fountain pen 1.JPG

    fountain pen 1.JPG

    Photo 1 of a recently completed fountain pen made from gray corian.
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