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Good explanation on how to deal with metal or rope braids. Any chance of updating to describe what the plastic tubes, and bungs for brass tube are/where from?
Brilliant good sir, thank you.
This app gets downloaded onto every new phone; it's that indispensable to me. UI is clean, easily searchable, and pleasingly laid out. No longer do I have to rely on slips of paper or other methods to categorize my tubes and bushings, and since my phone is usually always on me I can have this information on-the-go at turning clubs, conventions, or other people's houses. Will be a sad and unproductive day indeed for me if this ever goes away. Many thanks for the amount of work everyone has put into this, including support for both Android and iOs.

I've collected the data since 2009. Edgar volunteered to develop the apps. We appreciate hearing from everyone as we have been volunteering our efforts.
If you want to discuss the apps, start a communication Edgar.
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