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  1. Curly Cherry Baron FP

    Curly Cherry Baron FP

    Curly Cherry FP from Baron Kit. This is my EDC pen. The blank is from a tree that was cut down at our home in Cleveland years ago. Finish is CA glue.
  2. Jarred

    First Antler Pen

    Well, I started turning pens about 2 months ago, and I’m up to about 50 now. Quite a lot of fun. I was cleaning out my garage when I rediscovered a shedhorn that I found on a hike a couple of years back. My son made a $1 bet with me that I couldn’t make a pen with it— a surefire way to guarantee...
  3. Jarred

    My first pens

    Turned my first two pens today using slimline kits from Craft Supplies. The first (right) I think is padauk— went ok, but didn’t quite finish it well with CA. The second went better in walnut. I was a bit shy around the bush is, not wanting to damage them— as a result the barrels are a bit wide...
  4. Write4YourLife

    Gold Caduceus chrome bullet

    Using a nice piece of Spalted Tamarind and then combining it with a woodcraft chrome bullet and gold caduceus. Finish it off with a high gloss CA finish.
  5. B

    Wierd spots left on a ca finish

    I am relatively new to pen turning and I'm having a issue with my CA finish. For some reason I have big splotches left that look dull. At first I thought I might have sanded through the ca into the wood but that's not the case. There is still plenty of ca on the wood. I've attached some photos...
  6. P

    Help! Lost My Touch with CA Finish!

    I made a lot of pens for holiday gifts. Most of them had CA finishes: 4 coats of thin. 4 coats of medium. Light sanding with strips 150, 240, 320, 400, 650. Micro-mesh all 9 pads, wet. Hut Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish. Done. I admit, not all the sanding steps are necessary, but they...
  7. M

    Removing the ends of CA finish

    I just started turning pens less than a week ago, but it has gone surprisingly well for a rank beginner. I'm using CA for finish, and even that has gone great and has been much easier and less messy than I pictured. But I do have one problem that I can't seem to find an answer for...
  8. M

    CA Finish Cracking

    I have been using thin CA to finish pens for some time without a problem. However recently I found 4 pens where the CA finish is cracking. I have reviewed many posts and see many methods of application but am still confused. I have been using 10 coats of thin CA with activator. As a test I now...
  9. W

    Metro W/Bolivian Coffee Wood View in Gallery View in Gallery I finally achieved a CA finish I am happy with. I documented...
  10. theHullTurn

    Removing CA from live and dead center?

    I have been turning directly between centers when doing my CA finishes in order to avoid adhering my blank to the bushings. However, now after a few pens the CA is building up on the centers. Is there a good safe recommendation to remove it that wouldn't harm my centers? Or do you guys just...
  11. C

    Engraving/finishing question

    Hi, I have to get a few pens engraved. I plan to finish thme with CA. I have never had this done before. Do i engraved after or before finishing? I was wondering if the laser would ruin the finish. Thanks for your help.
  12. DJBPenmaker

    Help! CA finish on Olive Wood

    I'm having trouble getting the CA to adhere on a pen i'm turning. What's happening is that after application the CA is detaching from the edge of the blank post turning and finishing, causing semi transparent white clouding in parts right at the edges of the finished section/ cap. I used...
  13. T

    Sand between CA coats, or sand once at the end?

    The way I've been doing it is to add 2 layers of thin CA, then run through my micromesh pads lightly once. Then I add a medium CA coat, run through the pads again, then another coat, pads, and so on, until I'm happy with the finish. Question: Do I need to be sanding with the micromesh in...
  14. A

    Please help! Ca finishing problem near bushings

    I swiched to a medium ca finish instead of a thin and the finish is coming out better than ever, however, on occasion when I am taking the bushings off the barrels, it wrinkles the edges of the finish and creates a cloudy effect. Before I use the micromesh on the ca finish, I take a razor and...
  15. A

    Help with ca finish

    I'm very new to pen turning, having recently completed my fourth pen. An ongoing issue that I am having is with my ca finishing. I use the lathe on its lowest rpm (500) to apply the ca. I drip about 3 or 4 drops while my paper towel is under the blank. Then I wait 1 or 2 minutes for it to dry. I...
  16. A

    My first segmented pens

    I think I am hooked. These Longwood pens are my first attempt at segmented pens. What an engaging activity. I hope that I will be able to go back to non-segmented pens after this. Which one is your favourite? I can't decide. These are both Tulipwood Blanks with Purpleheart feature...
  17. GeoWade

    Marks on CA Finish, Anyone Seen This Before?

    Hello all! I am a relative newbie, having made only about 20 pens, the last half dozen or so have had a CA finish. Take a look at a picture of one I just completed. I am starting to see these ridges on the finished pen. I don't think this is a sanding issue, but I'm not sure. My only guess...
  18. R

    Slight cracks in ca finish.....

    I just started to use CA to finish my pens... when i look close at the finish I see some slight chase cracks below in the finish... I do about 8 to 10 layers. I use accelerator about 10 inches away I put the CA on with a paper towel. Any suggestions?? I also need suggestions on which companies...
  19. F

    Curly Maple Firewood Rescue

    My firewood rescue pile is bigger than my burnable firewood pile. It is driving my wife nuts. So should I continue this practice I ask myself? I am thinking ...... why not. This one was from a huge chunk of Curly Maple. It has that classic chatoyance that I love.
  20. M

    CA finish resulting in chiping and lift

    Ok, can anyone explain why sometimes CA works well on one wood and the next pen (using same wood) results with the ends lifting up off the wood? I use CA thin (applied with a paper towel) and accelerator between each application. I sand down with micro mesh and after removing the blank from...
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