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    My fist large pen

    After a month of turning I finally decided to pull out the tycoon I ordered, this is the result. I was surprised that the walnut looks to have a burl figure in it. Please be critical, I turned my first pen on the 7th of this month, so i know there is a lot more I need to learn.:smile: Thanks
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    Crack'n a perfect blank

    So you go through all of the work to get your blank perfect. TBC, Sand, Micro Mesh, multiple coats CA, sand, and polish. Now the critical step comes to get the fricken bushings off the beautifully finished blank and although you take great care, your CA finish cracks and the CA on the bushings...
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    plastic polish

    three questions on finishing.... 1. What is everyone's favorite plastic polish? and 2. When do you use it? (after 12000 MM as a last step, or after 6000 MM then buff etc....) 3. What do you apply it with/buff it with?
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