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  1. R

    Semiautomatic pen

    Since I was told pictures are always welcome here's this one. One of the young guys at work is going to the US Marines and I figured a rifle pen just fits. I hope it serves him well and that he likes it. I enjoyed the color combo and rhino plastic is a favorite of mine besides wood. Added some...
  2. hewunch

    It Takes A Special Reason

    Monday my youngest got to ring the bell following his cancer treatments (again). This was his second go round with Langerhan‘s Cell Histiocytosis. The boy loves orange and dragons. So, I made him a Dragon pen (PSI) with an Orange Juma blank. I purchased both from exotic blanks. Dawn and Ed have...
  3. 2020_1017_17113300.jpg


    First bolt action pen
  4. CjG78

    Honduras rosewood burl

    Purchased a few blanks from a fellow turner up north of this stunningly beautiful timber. Decided to go all out and put it on a PSI Magestic. It is my absolute favourite pen that I have ever made.
  5. Woodchipper

    Pen press?

    I was looking at the Woodcraft and PSI catalogues. There is a $30 difference with WC being the most expensive. I did use the WC press when I took a class earlier this year. I wanted to get the input from the forum members. I do have some $$$ that I could spend but want to get the most bang...
  6. S

    Anybody tried the new dip pen from PSI?

    Just got an email in today ... the new dip pen is in and available! You get 5 per order, they come with 7mm tubes, 5 small sections (metal), and 5 screw-in fountain pen nibs. They are designed to be used in-line with the handle of a pen that can be turned between centers or with a closed...
  7. cschimmel

    First look/Review of the new PSI Steampunk Kit

    Here is a quick video I did on the new PSI Steampunk Kit. I like it. First look at the Penn State Ind Steampunk Pen kit. PSI - YouTube
  8. K


    First time trying this wood, mostly due to how expensive it is and I really didn't want to have an expensive mess up. This was donated to my father-in-law, who turns bowls, by a gentleman who is allergic to the wood. I was more than happy to take it and give it a try. The wood was very dry and...
  9. Lenny

    The Valyrian

    As a fan of GOT, I really wanted to make one of these Knights Armor pens using Chad Schimmel's very cool blanks! Chad does a great job and I think they match up really well. This one sold very quickly and I wasn't even planning to sell it! I guess there are a lot of fans of the Game of Thrones...
  10. Falcon1220

    Shipping "war"

    Not a real war. More a comparison between suppliers shipping. I submitted an order with PSI and another with Wooturningz. Both done on January 30. Orders placed seconds apart. At 8am today I received an e mail from PSI confirming the order was shipped today. At 10 am today I received an e mail...
  11. W

    New Victorian from PSI

    This is the new Pewter Victorian kit from PSI. At first I was not to sure about the kit but when I examined the parts before turning I was shocked at how small the tubes were and was thinking this is not going to look good at all. Well, after I turned one of my handmade blanks and put this pen...
  12. cschimmel

    PSI Coffee Scoop Video Build

    Wanted to show this video I did on the PSI coffee scoops. They seem to be a pretty good quality Item. How to build a Coffee Scoop (component kit build) - YouTube
  13. Joe S.

    Better mechanisms?

    Up to now I've only been making woodturningz pen kits (with a few psi pens as well) and I have 6 cigar pens in front of me, each with a bad mechanism. And the slimline kits don't last either. So I have a few questions: 1.) is there a place I can buy quality mechanisms to use in a woodturningz...
  14. yomanyouahippie

    Rate My Pens

    I am a new pen turner, and these are my first 11 pens. I know they're nothing out of the ordinary, but I wanted to get some input of what I could do better. also, what do think they're worth, like in a market environment. I am only 15, so go easy
  15. rkimery

    Celtic Knot Elegant Sierra Satin Chrome/Chrome

    This is a pen blank from: wood128 give credit to Joe for the woodwork. I turned this Cherry / Celtic blank into an Elegant Sierra for an Aunt that entered the army just after Korea. A lifer in the Army. She is still is working in the payroll department! She will be retiring this summer...
  16. Lenny

    video: drilling on the lathe (another one)

    I know this has been done, (and probably done better), but I was bored today and decided to try making a video. Drilling an Amboyna burl blank on my Jet mini with a PSI collet chuck.
  17. spacebrandon

    Getting started

    What do you recommed for a starters at PSI (I'm only shopping at PSI) lathe, finishes, or pen starter sets.
  18. railrider1920

    PSI economy chucks--Good, bad, decent?

    Hi folks, I'm thinking about getting one of these chucks: Utility Grip 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck System: includes 2 jaws Mini Grip 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck System: includes 3 sets of jaws I just edited this. I had...
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