New Victorian from PSI

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Jan 7, 2013
Euless, Texas
This is the new Pewter Victorian kit from PSI. At first I was not to sure about the kit but when I examined the parts before turning I was shocked at how small the tubes were and was thinking this is not going to look good at all. Well, after I turned one of my handmade blanks and put this pen together I was shocked at how good it really looked. The centerband is really a coverup for the coupler for the transmission. The weight of the pen feels good in your hand with a sense of balance which I was surprised with the heavy cap.
The problem I had and PSI is aware of the problem and is working on the parts fitting loose in the tubes. I only had a problem with one part and a little CA on the inside of the tube solved that problem.
I will be waiting as everyone else is with the overall finish lasting on the components themselves.
I use 7 coats of thin CA and 7 coats of medium for my finish and polish with micro mesh and finish off with NOVUS 2. Thanks for looking and responses and critiques welcome


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