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  1. Fine Engineer

    Nice result for a busy weekend

    I had a busy weekend making Christmas presents (even though they are going to be late). Some interesting results with these. Still some details to work on, but I'm generally happy with these. These are all going to couples, so the theme is 'His / Hers'. The middle four are designs I've done...
  2. Woodchipper

    Back in the fold

    Been a while and got out of pen turning. Turned a Slimline a looong time ago and gave it for a door prize for our Sunday School class. A teacher got it and said it would be put to use Monday morning. I told him it included Spell Check. It was from a maple cutting board that my wife put in the...
  3. MRDucks2

    Spalted, ambrosia... I call it wood

    Guy I work with called and said hey, the city cut this tree down... I saw something worth saving. Another co-worker wanted some so dropped two pieces off for him. We shall see.
  4. E

    Spalting and Color

    Hello all, I turned a spalted maple pen and noticed, only after turning, that the bottom portion, along the spalting line was a slightly different color. More muted but still interesting. I am used to larger color differences with spalting. I went to my copy of Understanding Wood by R...
  5. Woodchipper

    Good wood from bowling pins?

    If I recall, bowling pins are made from hard maple unless they have changed over the years. Anyone used them for reclaiming the wood? If I get some positive replies, I'll check with the local bowling alley.
  6. F

    Jewelry Box (Bowl)

    Still very new to bowl turning, but starting to figure some things out. Made this for Christmas. Maple I picked up at a cheap sale price... wish i would have gotten more!
  7. W

    Different style of bandsaw box

    I used my blanks from my "Reincarnated Wood" to create Dr. Seuss inspired bandsaw boxes. The Green one is buckeye burl with alumilite and the purple is Maple burl with alumilite. I really couldnt find a style of bandsaw boxes I liked so I made up my own style. I think they came out pretty good
  8. J

    Turning and Finishing Burl Pens

    I have been challenged with an ongoing issue when turning burl pens. It's the pitting/pockets. I've read various blogs and it seems inevitable to have pitting in burls pens. What ideas are out there to either prevent the pitting, or ways to fill the pits and finish the pen. I apologize for...
  9. K

    Sugar Maple Bottle Opener

    This was a new kit I wanted to try, just for the fun of it. Overall, very happy with it. To hit the high points, chrome kit from Woodcraft, Sugar Maple stock used, 2 layers of clear coat Krylon. :biggrin: Bring on the Guinness!
  10. L

    Spice Grinders with Brick Segmented Tops

    Hi, I've been lurking these forums for a while now. I turn pens and bottle stoppers and such every now and then. I finally have a project that I'm proud to show off to you folks. My first set of spice grinders - salt and peppermills. I used the Crushgrind ceramic mechanisms with shafts. Mills...
  11. Halfcaff

    Spalted Maple Broadwell

    I turned this Broadwell Art Deco Gold T/N and Chrome pen today. I used a spalted maple blank that I have had for a while and finally decided to turn. I stabilized it before I turned it. It had quite an interesting spalt pattern. Each line was a double line which gave it a nice effect. Let...
  12. Bree

    Spalted Maple Tivoli Cigar - Weekend Pen

    I got some spalted maple on a consignment sale a couple of weeks ago. I milled some into blanks an turned one Saturday. I tried a little Tivoli-esque thing with some beads. Some people tried writing with it and said that they liked it which actually surpised me. The pen was finished with...
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