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  1. Ankrom Exotics

    A New Spin on Sweet Gum Pods

    Turned this one this morning. It's an Elegant Sierra from Berea Hardwoods with a satin chrome finish. The blank is made from several Sweet Gum Pods arranged in a row and cast in white Alumilite. Kind of a pain to make but I like the results.
  2. P

    Harley Quinn Pen

    I consider this my first turn to the new year it was 50 degrees the other day and I got excited to go turn and it came out amazing also. This was one of the blanks I got at the mpg last year and looking forward to the next one...
  3. T

    My 1st Sale

    Its a really good feeling when you sell your 1st pen. Its almost like some sort of vindication that you've chosen a good hobby to do. :) I've been away from wood turning for about 12 or so years and this time I've decided to get into pen turning. I'm concentrating on a minimal set of kits and...
  4. kaydubya

    Sierra pen mechanism

    Having made a hundred or so pens and experimented with a number of different styles of kit, I've just made my first Sierra. When assembled, the extended writing tip only just protruded beyond the end of the nib body by about 1 to 2mm. I've had this happen on odd occasions with other kits, but...
  5. twinsen

    JohnU Snake Skin prize Blank.

    As requested, I am posting a picture of one of the JohnU blanks sent to me. This was my first time turning an acrylic/resin cast blank. I helped my kids turn some acrylic blanks a couple months back but never set out to turn one on my own. (Very partail to the wood look). So here it is. I...
  6. brettlyk

    First Decal Pen

    I'm not all that happy with this one as I don't think it pops. The ivory blank needs to be a tad whiter. But pretty stoked as it's my first truly customised pen.
  7. L

    "An Hommage To Autumn"

    New casting blank. Dried seed pods in orange Alumilite. Pen is Sierra Ballpoint in Titanium Not for the faint of heart this blank requires a light touch, sharp tools, and patience as you fill voids and surprises. Thanks for looking Mike
  8. I

    Gatsby v's Sierra

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the Gatsby and Sierra pen kits.Do they take the same bushings?Which is the best kit and also the best seller?
  9. juteck

    Purple pen, pink ink

    My daughter (16) requested a purple pen with pink ink, and not a capped pen. The only pink refill I could find locally was from a Uni-Ball Signo 207, and the only un-capped pen I know of that takes this refill is the Sierra Click (classic). Does the Sierra Click (new) take the uniball refill...
  10. C

    A Couple of Sierras

    Here's the two Sierra Elegance pens I managed to turn out today. Both from my own blanks, the wood one is bocote with inlays of walnut. Pens are in gold & gun metal. Constructive comments appreciated. Cheers, Chrome
  11. L

    Long Pen Tubes sources??

    I want to make some specical toothpick holders. They use a 27/64 drill bit and I think the brass tube is 10.5 mm in diameter. It is equivalent to the Sierra or Wall SII tubes. I would like to find a source of that diameter tubes 10" long or longer. Any sources??
  12. patmurris

    Bird seeds Sierra

    Hi all! :smile: Still from the "anything's possible with CA" department, here is another experiment with bird seeds: I proceeded as for the mimosa flowers except i used ground seeds to 'paint' the tube before gluing the seeds. There is a lot of potential with seeds... I'm thinking...
  13. butchf18a

    Star of David

    Star of David inlay with Isreali Olive Wood. Sierra, black titanium/upgrad gold. Birthday gift
  14. patmurris

    Bread Crumb Sierra

    This is something i wanted to try for a while... dry crumb from a French 'baguette' stabilized with lot's of CA: I painted the tube ends with a tan color but left the center exposed with no other reason then i needed to hold the tube while applying the paint... and it shows a bit through...
  15. butchf18a

    Dice inlay Sierra

    LazerLinez dice inlay. Berea Sierra, Black Titanium/Gold Has proven popular with my backgammon club.
  16. butchf18a

    Dice inlay

    Dice inlay from Lazerlinez. Sierra Black Ti/Gold. Quick pic since I don't have time right now to do good ones, maybe next week after I get home from training. These are real popular with my backgammon club.
  17. patmurris

    Digested Grass Sierra

    Hi all! :smile: Last month i went up to one of the barns i inherited from my father in the French southern Alps. It is located around 4000 feet, just above a village where my family has some roots. My father used to bring me on his 'lands' - a small hour hike from the village, where we would...
  18. patmurris

    Crosscut spalted mediterranean phoenix palm sierra

    Hi all, this is phoenix palm from my area on a PSI Gatsby click kit - CA finish: This is one of the most difficult material i've been turning (after yucca maybe) - it needs tons of CA to hold up and to be honest i didn't even dare try to cut it with the usual tools, i essentially slowly...
  19. lacewood

    Playing with Polymer Clay

    Cathy and I had some time to play....decided to make some pens out of Premo (Polymer Clay) All comments welcome! Have a nice weekend, Karen Wood Safari
  20. C

    Had a little play time this weekend!!

    Hello all I had a little play time this weekend so I made up a couple more checkerboard pens.We have one sierra and one ultra cigar. Let me know what you think.. Thanks!
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