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    Mica Acrylic Abstract Pens
  2. Firebucket53

    Problem with acrylic blanks

    I am starting to get into turning acrylic pens. The problem I'm having is pitting. part of the pin blank when I'm finished sanding and buffing there are little pit marks on part of the pin tube. Any suggestions?
  3. Woodchipper

    "Bubbles" in acrylic/synthetic

    I recall seeing a thread that addressed this issue and neglected to Favorite it. I have a blank that is full of them. Not exactly bubbles but pock marks in the material. I read the thread and said, So that's what causes it! I had couple of places today that had minor issues and I had enough...
  4. T

    Carbide Tools for Turning Acrylic Blanks?

    So I just recently got into pen turning. I made a few cool pens from exotic woods and tried my hand on an acrylic blank (I believe it was an inlace acrylester blank). Once I got the blank to round and started turning it down, I noticed my carbide tools were essentially just "chunking out" pieces...
  5. D

    Turning smooth acrylic pens

    I've turned three acrylic pens with varying results. Before I turned my first one, I did a test run on a cut off piece from the first pen and it came out as smooth as glass. But when I went to turn the pen, it was awful. It turned out bumpy, for lack of a better word, with grooves in it. The...
  6. Woodchipper

    Coating an insert tube

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm just too lazy to do a search. I notice that many use some sort of coating or paint to cover the brass tube when it will show through the pen plank. What do you pen makers use? Does it change the OD of the tube any? I have some acrylic blanks for...
  7. G

    Finishing Acrylics Complex Shapes

    I'm relatively new to turning acrylics/plastics. I've kept my acrylics shapes fairly simple due to the difficulty of getting them smooth and shiny. Working with the little square wet sanding pads can leave grooves, lines, and ruts in the shapes. Is there a way to get these smoother...
  8. C

    First Bulb Filler Kitless Fountain pen

    Hello everyone, I got quite comfortable making kit less and decided i wanted to make something other than a cartridge converter pen. I had this Butterscotch acrylic laying around and ended up making this pen. Pen works well and fills smoothly. Holds right at 3ml of ink so it has a very large...
  9. T

    Clear cast acrylic scratching

    Question for those of you who have worked with clear cast acrylic. I'm finding that it mars very easily. I made a clear cap and after a few times on and off there is a ring mark on the inside of the cap where it lightly touches the end of the section as the cap is being put on. The end of the...
  10. I

    Pressure pot/vacuum chamber

    For casting.. I am looking to figure out the very best way to cast acrylic. Do you have to use pressure or can you use vacuum? Next, I am looking for an option to do small amounts. Is there a system someone can recommend that is an all-in-one? I would rather pay a little more for a...
  11. K

    BMW Blue Blank Needed

    One of my favorite customers bought a new Beemer and wants a special pen made ... Majestic Jr. with white upper and BMW blue lower. So I'm on the hunt for a blue plastic (acrylic, alumilite, whatever) blank that matches the blue in the BMW logo. Should be easy .... right? :wink: Help us...
  12. N

    First segmented pen finished!

    It took to tries but I got it done. I ended up using the white gorilla glue and the blank held together quite well. I am happy with it for it being my first one. I want to try adding metal in between the segments next time. Any tips on that would be much appreciated!
  13. twinsen

    JohnU Snake Skin prize Blank.

    As requested, I am posting a picture of one of the JohnU blanks sent to me. This was my first time turning an acrylic/resin cast blank. I helped my kids turn some acrylic blanks a couple months back but never set out to turn one on my own. (Very partail to the wood look). So here it is. I...
  14. D

    lacquer over acrylic?

    Hello, I have a quick question that I have not yet been able to find an answer for. I have recently started making segmented pen blanks. Several of them have a segmented pieces of acrylic blanks. My question is if there are any issues with applying a lacquer finish over a mostly wood pen blank...
  15. A

    Drill Chatter in Acrylics

    I recently started turning a lot of acrylic pens, and I find that when I'm drilling them out I get a lot of chatter on my drill press which is leaving me with very sloppy holes in the blank, and basically making it unusable. I've tried turning the speed all the way down on the press, drilling...
  16. C

    Finishing Carbon Fiber Pen?

    I've just turned a carbon fiber pen blank and I cant polish it to a high gloss finish as I usually do for the life of me. I had some dificulties turning it so i needed to sand it down alot, so i started 150 grit and worked up through 800. I then finished it using a full set of Micro Mesh and...
  17. gordonfraser

    Clear Acrylic Kitless EyeDropper

    Hello all, It's been a few months since I logged in - new house! Before we made the transition I completed a pen that I was pretty over the moon with. I made it my goal to spend a lot of time over the smaller details, get the threads right and clean, get the barrel properly polished etc...
  18. P

    Glass in acrylic?

    Anyone tried putting glass in blanks? Im thinking of using beach glass. Would it break apart when turning? Have to be sanded and not cut with a tool? Carbide tip tool do the job? Thanks for your input.
  19. richardkruse

    My latest Acrylic pens

    The Flamingo pink one was a commissioned piece. The Cartridge pen is for me. Thanks for lookin Rick
  20. BarbS

    Pristina Pen in Italian Acrylic

    My daughter in law will receive this Italian Acrylic Fountain Pen. Presents done at last!
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