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  1. Bryguy

    Not so hypersegmented ultra-cigar

    Mostly maple burl. The burl had a hole in it which I filled with gold sprinkles. African Blackwood and maple stripes. Rhino plastic Earth's Core accents.
  2. G


    I have been wanting to get into segmenting but quickly realized you need a good table saw sled to do that. So I searched for as many ideas as I could and have come up with a basic design that will accomodate 0° vertical cuts for trimming blank width, 90° horizontal cuts for cutting blanks to...
  3. Woodchipper

    Segmenting- sort of

    I got this blank at the Georgia symposium in September. I drilled and installed tubes in blanks for Slim Line pens. When I got ready to put them on the pen mill, I saw that the end of one of the blanks had a rough finish with a pocket of nothingness. Should have inspected it and trimmed it...
  4. Z

    Dewalt DW745

    Hi! I'm thinking about buying a table saw for cutting up blanks for segmenting. I'm on a budget because I also need a new lathe and a grinder/jigs/chisels xD I'd buy used but I live on an island and there's not much available here, and not much hope of getting a used cabinet style table saw from...
  5. bfrazier

    Band Saw Segmenting Sled

    I finally had to come up with a solid means of making segments especially Celtic knots. It serves the purpose and is very adjustable for various sized blanks. This version will only do 45 Degree cuts; however, I'm working on an adjustable version with the same locking methodology that could come...
  6. LL Woodworks

    Segmenting Sled video

    I made a segmenting sled that has served me very well for cutting thick and thin pieces for segmenting as well as angled cuts. You can see the build here; Part 1 and how it is used here Part 2
  7. D

    Best tool for cutting tiny pen blank segments

    I apologize if this question has been asked a million times before, but I am looking for opinions on the best tool to use for cutting small segments. Right now, I have an entry-level Skil table saw that I've been using to cut segments, and it is problematic for a couple of reasons. 1.) The...
  8. D

    Any Pittsburgh Pirates fans in here?

    I finished up this prototype today. This one fought me every single step of the way, and I'm still not COMPLETELY happy with how it came out. But - for my first attempt at it, I am decently pleased. I enjoyed the challenge, and am excited to see how the next one turns out. p.s. For any...
  9. butchf18a

    Angled Segmented Brick

    Elegant Sierra. Purpleheart, maple, hickory, walnut. Mortar is African Saddlewood veneer. CA finish
  10. healeydays

    Segmenting software?

    Folks, I have some ideas on some things I would like to see in a pen, but would like to mock it up first as not to waste time and materials. I see that there are a few segmenting software packages out there, but they are more for turning bowls and such. Is there one that is designed...
  11. B

    Looking for a good reco on a Bandsaw

    So I'm in the market for a good bandsaw. I dare to say I have a "shop", it's more of half of a garage where I pretend to make pens. I don't have a lot of room and would love to get a table top bandsaw like the rikon...
  12. B

    CNC for custom blanks?

    Does anyone have this CNC? It looks like it has a lot of potential to use to make custom patterns in blanks, and a great price for a CNC..... -Dude
  13. Parson

    Amboyna/Malachite Segmented Jr. Statesman

    Sorry for the crappy photography. I just thought I'd show you guys what I've been up to lately. I knocked this out in about three hours... I took a long wedge of malachite truestone and CA'd each side of it with some black plastic sheeting I bought at a modeling shop (used in building...
  14. Parson

    Inspired by Gisi and Kaspar

    A while back I saw a thread by Kaspar (now closed) that said the pen he made was homage to Gisi, which I didn't understand until I googled Mark Gisi and found his web site and saw the complexity and precision of his pen making. Some viewers of that thread stated they thought Gisi's work is too...
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