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  1. Fridgecritter

    Segmenting How to get the jagged edge

    The only way I can think to achieve this look is the break off the end of the wood but that would compromise the structural integrity of the wood? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. DJBPenmaker

    My most challenging work so far, as a newbie

    I am a relative newcomer to pen-turning so please don't be too harsh. Any comments or advice are very welcome though. Please excuse the photography. One pen is waxed finish, the other is cyanoacrylate.
  3. J

    Herringbone Aluminium Art Deco Style

    I think this is the hardest pen I have made so far. I had two total failures before I finally got it to work. The metal gets hot very quickly and the glue does not hold when it is hot. I ended up using electronics freeze spray to keep my drills cold while drilling it out. I also had to limit...
  4. K

    Turquoise and Ironwood Mesa Pen

    Am I allowed to show off my 13-year-old son's pen? He just made it last night and I think it is a beauty! Here is a link to see it on Instagram.
  5. J

    Greetings From Wales

    I am delighted to have joined the IAP a few weeks ago, but the workshop has been very busy and I have only just got around to saying hello. I have been turning pens for about a year, and more recently commenced creating and selling segmented wood pen blanks. Please take a look at my pen...
  6. C

    Segmenting Struggles

    So. I started trying to make an overly complicated (for me) pen, and struggled as a result. I wanted to do a Sierra with two woods in it, cut at a 45 degree angle, so that there is a chevron in wood B inserted into a blank of wood A. After I was mostly done with the pen, I read in the library...
  7. P

    217 pieces makes one piece

    This is my latest effort from the lathe that is not a pen. Been working on it for a little bit. It has 217 pieces of cherry and maple. It is 6 inches in diameter and 7.5 inches tall. Finish is wipe on poly.
  8. C

    Newbie but eager to learn

    I have been "turning" for technically 2 years BUT actual turning time, I have about 3 months experience with my lathe ... so I'm NEW :redface:. I am eager to learn about the pens and many aspects that can be done with them - they are so much more than "just basic turning" like one of my...
  9. Krudwig

    Walnut, cherry, aluminuim

    Here is a vintage classic from Smitty's! It was a $2 kit on closeout and I have been learning for maybe three months less than 20 pens so far. I thought this one turned out nice ! Also I posted one picture with my ipad and it will only do 1 picture period! Any ideals, I know others have the same...
  10. G

    Two Bottle Stoppers

    These two bottle stoppers are four woods which were from cutoffs on two bread knife handle laminations. Droplets are stainless steel. Sanded 180, 400 and 600 Abranet, then MM to 2400. Finish is four applications of Shellawax. I just kind of winged it on the shapes. C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.
  11. D

    Segmented, swirls, celtic knots, new from Oregon, USA

    Hello to all the Pen Inthusiasts; My (Denver395) was a nickname bestowed by my Uncle when I could barely spit! My name is Denvy and love to turn. At first my thoughts turned to bowls, then two segmented chess sets, different projects, then pens. My favorite is creating the slimline to resemble...
  12. M

    new pen

    Will try again.
  13. jimm1

    New Cigar

    Not too sure about the woods, but an interesting story: Went to a street fair here in Tennessee. Didn't show this time. Saw this guy with pretty amazing cutting boards and bought a small 12" bread board with this pattern. I told him why I was buying it. I wasn't sure whether or not he was happy...
  14. Jason Swanson

    Segmented Peppermill

    Here is one of my segmented peppermills. Segmenting peppermills is what gave me the idea to segment pen blanks. I teach Segmented Peppermill classes at my local Woodcraft store (Milwaukee, WI) as well as out of my shop. I will also be at John C. Campbell Folk Art School in July 2010 instructing...
  15. mickr

    Diamond cigar

    Diamond cigar, walnut, zebra & maple
  16. J

    2 Segmented Pens

    Here are two variations of the "Morning After" pen that is in the tutorials. First is a Sedona, and second is a Baron. Both are made from African Blackwood, Padauk, and Maple, but the pattern and material thickness is a little different on each.
  17. djwood1

    Going crazy segmenting!

    22kt/Rhodium Broadwell out of amboyna burl w/pewter segment. Comments welcome.
  18. splinter99

    Cocobolo Cigar

    Enjoyed some time in the shop today and this was the result..Cocobolo segmented with a black acrylic from woodturningz, black veneer and aluminum.. Finish is ca.. Comments welcomed, thanks for looking
  19. hewunch

    Segmented Necklace Pendant v.2.0

    Ok, so this one is similar to the last but I added a piece of veneer between the purpleheart (backer) and the segmented wood. I like the added touch personally. AND, I got my first CA finish on a pendant to come out right. I have one more idea to make these a little better but I am happy with...
  20. ElMostro

    Amalgam-Mutts are now Segmented

    I have been working on these for a while and finally turned some worth Posting. The first few are a mixture of wood and Alumilite. The next to last is a segmented Walnut & Maple Jr. Gent II and the last one is a spalted pecan cigar; the wood for this last pen came from a tree cut down in Fort...
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