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  1. Woodchipper

    And there it was!

    Ever heard of- You can't see the forest for the trees? Started to turn two pens for archery tournament door prizes. I used the right wheel on my Rikon grinder and was pleased with the results. However, it got good results and had no more thoughts on it. But I looked at the other wheel and...
  2. Woodchipper

    Photography questions answered

    I had some questions about photographing pens and decided to check the library. Found this to start and found a bunch of threads on the subject. Need to do my homework. Printed it for reference. Thanks to all who contributed to this topic...
  3. Q

    CA finished pes

    CA finished pens Hello! I've been making pens for about a year now, and I was wondering what you guys think about some of my pens and if you have any feedback. Thanks!
  4. Y

    Beginner's Projects

    Hi Y'all, I'm not sure if I attached these pictures correctly, but here are a few thing I've made fairly recently. Nothing fancy, but in time I'd like to try to get a little bit fancy. Bottle stopper - Decorated with pyrography. Awl - Made from a broken drill bit, a brass air fitting, and...
  5. P

    The Vertex supreme roller & fountain pen kit

    I was looking at this kit its the Vertex Supreme roller & fountain pen kit from penn state industries and was looking into working on this later in the week when its warmer. The diagram shows the ink pump a rollester ink, also the kit comes with a cartridge that you can stick on their...
  6. Kburr

    Hi, everyone! I'm New to IAP! Athens, Georgia

    New to wood working! Hometown, Athens, GA.. Go Dawgs!! I'm a mom to a precious two year old girl. My partner and I, recently started a family business, designing resin and wood products! Mostly, rings and pens, but we always enjoy creating something different or collaborating with people on new...
  7. P

    Thich CA glue fumes

    This is about the third time I have glued a bunch of blanks togethere but at first I thought it was seasonal allergies but from the research I did on thick CA glue was the fumes from it can cause a type of asthma problem that almost makes it hard to breathe feels like breathing through a straw...
  8. J

    Hello from Florida

    My name is Jody. I've been turning for the past two years, on and off. My disabled ex-husband and our 6 year old sometimes slow that process more than other times. I turned my first pen a little over a year ago. Didn't get to #2 until November. Which I followed very quickly with about 30...
  9. Herb G

    Heads Up for Penturners...Rockler Sale

    Rockler has These on sale for $9.99. That's 1/2 price. However, they are oversold until 1/6/2017. They will fill your order as they are received. I ordered 5 while I could get them. Order yours now. Operators are standing by. :tongue: Hope this helps someone out there. :wink:
  10. S

    Fountain Pens,Still Remains The favourite Of All

    Pens have always been the favourite of all the potential buyers those who really love to write & penned down their thoughts. Fountain Pens being the favourite of the souls culminates the writers together enriching the lives of the passionate writers.
  11. H

    Hello from UK(Hull) - New to the IAP

    Hi - Ive been turning for a number of years and just found this forum, I enjoy turning and like making lots of different things not only pens. Like a lot of people I have a web page - Hand Crafted Arts These are some of the things I have enjoyed making :cool: I look forward to exploring...
  12. S

    My first made pen blanks and final pens.

    Thought I'd give pen blank casting a go, happy with how these turned out. Wasn't sure they were going to come out this well, very deceiving until turned.
  13. J

    Camera Recommendation

    I'm getting back into pen-making and want to be able to take pictures of them. My current point-and-shoot Olympus camera is on it's last legs and I need to replace it. I've been asking lots of people about cameras. I've also read most of the posts in this forum. Some have simple cameras and...
  14. hcpens

    September 2015 PITH Parings - Let the turnings begin!

    :bananen_smilies035:Here are the pairings for the SEPTEMBER 2015 PITH! We have 70 adults with :bananen_smilies051:12 NEW members joining in!! * No youth were identified at this time, will have to work on next PITH In the member swap we have 3 countries represented: Australia, Canada and the...
  15. R

    What Engraver to buy???

    Hi everyone, I would like to know what brand of small engraver to buy that would let me engrave on my BMG 50 cal pens? Anyone know?? Would like to take it to shows to do engraving when a customer asks for it... Thank :wink::wink:
  16. C

    Newbie but eager to learn

    I have been "turning" for technically 2 years BUT actual turning time, I have about 3 months experience with my lathe ... so I'm NEW :redface:. I am eager to learn about the pens and many aspects that can be done with them - they are so much more than "just basic turning" like one of my...
  17. T

    Gisi pens

    Forgive me for being a newbie, but I have a question... What ever happened to the Gisi Pen Co?
  18. C

    Hi from Memphis, TN/ Blaine, WA

    Hi!!! Just came across the IAP and figured I would join up!! I currently live in Memphis, but am moving to Blaine, WA soon. I would like to network around and get acquainted w/ some pen turners/ wood turners in the area(s) who can help me source out supplies as well as just talk pens!!!!! I am...
  19. T

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    I hav only been turning pens for a month or so. I have been a seasoned wood worker and turner for several decades but recently just started making pens. I have been concentrating on slimline pens do to the price of the kits for a learning curve. I recently turned an aluminum pen that turned out...
  20. T

    Selling Pens

    Hi Everyone, I was just curious if anyone knows someone who wants to buy and resell pens. I have been making them for about a year. I am 14 and can't afford to keep this hobby without selling them or i wouldn't be selling them..Does anyone know someone who wants to buy and resell handmade...
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