Hello from Florida

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Feb 1, 2017
Orlando, FL
My name is Jody. I've been turning for the past two years, on and off. My disabled ex-husband and our 6 year old sometimes slow that process more than other times. I turned my first pen a little over a year ago. Didn't get to #2 until November. Which I followed very quickly with about 30 more. Everyone got pens for Christmas this year. It made wrapping super simple!

Have a talented and experienced friend/mentor/enabler here locally who is egging me on. I think I'm hooked. Been enjoying the Bash festivities...it's a great opportunity to immerse in some very cool IAP activities and learn my way around the forums. I'm also signed up to attend the FLGAPG in two weeks, and looking forward to that.

Here's a picture of my pen box full of holiday gifts...there were 3 left when the holidays were over! Eta: picture will arrive after I figure out how to resize on my phone.....


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