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  1. M

    Albuquerque says hi

    Greetings from Albuquerque, NM! I just started turning pens last Saturday. In two days I went through a 5-pack of the FunLine pens from PSI, and they all turned out far better than I expected my first pens to turn out. (I did blow out the second and fourth blanks I tried to use but was able...
  2. K

    Hello from Middle Georgia

    Hi all, I am new to pen turning. Looking forward to learning as I go along. I have been wood working for several years time for something new. I purchased a pen on a recent trip to Charleston, and thought I need to give this a try. Thanks Chris
  3. S

    Hello from Upstate New York

    Hi All, I'm Tom and have been pen turning for 7 or 8 years, but enjoy all woodworking.
  4. J

    NC Member Introduction

    Hello Everyone. Been on here about a month and havent had a whole lot of time to actually use it. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is making along with showing some of the things that I am making. I am including a photo of two of my most recent pens. The left is a hyrind blank...
  5. J

    Hello from Florida

    My name is Jody. I've been turning for the past two years, on and off. My disabled ex-husband and our 6 year old sometimes slow that process more than other times. I turned my first pen a little over a year ago. Didn't get to #2 until November. Which I followed very quickly with about 30...
  6. D

    Hello from the country

    Hi guys =) I am new to the forum and new to turning also. Found out about this forum through a google search and seems like a great forum. I'm from the country in Virginia, very, VERY, small town (roughly 650 people in the closest town) and recently picked up a Craftsman MIDI lathe from a trash...
  7. N

    Greetings From Earth!

    Greetings Fellow Human Pen Turners! I am an adult-stage human of average height and over 200 of your Earth pounds. I recently became interested in pen turning: a perfectly normal human activity that is performed occupationally or for pleasure by humans and not by extra terrestrial hominids...
  8. T

    Hello from Kansas City

    Hello all! I'm a long lost pen junkie who is just returning to the hobby. My wife bought me a new Jet 1221VS to get me out of her hair, so I am obliging her by spending all my free time making pens again and spending the family fortune! I hope to learn all the cool tips and tricks to one day...
  9. MJCookSr

    Hello from Western Michigan …

    I would like to introduce myself to the forum, my name is Mike, I live in the Western Michigan area, in the small town of Rockford. I am retired and I have enjoyed working with wood for a few years and decided to get a little more involved with it in retirement. I turned my first pen last...
  10. G

    Hello from Illinois!

    I joined several months ago and finally getting around to writing. I am a retired accountant with a pen addiction. I have turned for several years and am getting into segmented pieces. From what I have seen on this site I have a long way to go. Gene
  11. discdogs

    Aloha from Oahu

    Aloha, Howdy & Hello! :dog: I'm Lynn currently living in Mililani, HI, but a native from the Great State of Iowa (I haven't lived there in 25 years, but still love HOME!). I have 2 dogs, one Border Collie pup who is 9.5 mos old and a 7 y/o BC/Collie mix. We do lots of dog training (and...
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