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  1. M

    Single-Blank Pen Kit Recommendations?

    So I'm new to turning pens and have some slimline kits which are fine but my question is this: What are some inexpensive pen kits that use a single blank? I'm going to cast some hybrid and resin blanks, use some figured woods, etc., and would like to make larger pens than the Slimlines I...
  2. N

    Quality pen kit recommendations for a noob?

    Hello, I have turned a few pens and am not happy with the quality of the pen kits I purchased (Spartan and Vertex). There's too much plastic for my liking and the click mechanism has neither a good tactile feel nor a strong click sound. I would appreciate any suggestions as to what specific...
  3. ranchonodinero

    Berea Hardwood kits: 3 cigar pens, 3 El Grande Rollerball

    3 cigar pen kits 2 in chrome and 1 in pearl silver and 3 el grande rollerball kits. Shipped USPS flat rate CONUS. Paypal. $25.00 Last of the kits.
  4. ranchonodinero

    Baron and Jr Gent fountain pen kits

    5 Baron Fountain pen kits in satin nickel and bushings, 5 copper jr gent fountain pen kits and bushing. Plus 4 mystery ballpoint pen kits-they are a mystery because I don't know what they are other than they came from CSUSA and they are click style ball point pens. Shipped USPS flat rate...
  5. ranchonodinero

    Box of assorted pen kits, turning projects, drill bits

    Box of assorted pen kits, projects and drill bits. Includes brushes for shaving, one razor kit, parts to make a cane, letter opener kits, ceiling fan pull kits, mini kaleidoscope kits with bushings and more. 1 unopened jar of pearlex colorant. What you see in the pictures is what you get...
  6. ranchonodinero

    El Grande Pen kits and bushing set-assorted gold, chrome, platinum

    18 total pen kits, a few extra tubes, bushing set. What you see is what you get. 5 gold rollerball, 4 chrome rollerball, 5 platinums and 4 gold ball points. $90 shipped USPS flat rate Conus. Paypal.
  7. wrjones224

    Group Buy from PenKitsMall?

    Happy New Year to All! With it being the new year I am looking to stock up on some of my staple kits...Would anybody be interested in joining a group buy from PenKitsMall? The shipping price has raised and it's only really worth it to buy from them if we have greater quantities. If there is...
  8. wrjones224

    Need Advice: Replacing the Nib on the Noble Fountain Nib Kit

    Hello All! So it is my first run at creating some nicer fountain pens. These are the Silver noble kits...One of the nibs I used wrote pretty well but this one is pretty bad. Very scratchy and the ink doesn't seem to want to flow. I don't want to end up selling a high dollar pen if it's going to...
  9. R

    Best quality "slimline" style pens

    I've really seen some hit and miss with the quality on the slimline pens. I'm not super-impressed with the kits from Craft Supplies USA, but as far as I can tell, they're the cheapest at less than $2 per kit. I've ordered some from Exotic Blanks that I've liked, and they weren't bad on price...
  10. W

    Woodpeckers now carries pen kits

    Did you know Woodpeckers now carries pen kits?
  11. M

    Legacy Woodworking

    Does anyone know of sellers other than TheWoodTurningStore who sell the legacy brand?
  12. ed4copies

    Ed Brown's YouTube Videos Exotic Blanks YouTube Videos Established in 2008 on IAP, ExoticBlanks is a supplier of pen kits and other products for penturning: Pen Kits Misc Kits Artists Handmade Blanks Casting Supplies Pen Makers Supplies Pen Turning Tools Lathes and Supplies We are an...
  13. richard_y6

    New Style Ballpoint Pens Use Strongink PKM-4 Series Pen Kits

    Hello everybody , here i'm showing off my new style pens made of PKM-4 Series pen kits . Specifications: Finished size:.57" x 5-1/2" blank size: 3/4" x 3/4" x 5" 5/8"x5/8" *5" Refills used : Traditional Parker style pen refill Items needed to complete: Drill bit: 8mm Bushings set...
  14. R

    apprentice vs artisan vs PSI pen kits

    just getting started again - turned a lot about 10 yrs ago and have decided to start again. Lots of new 'stuff' out there now. Anyone have any guidance as to comparing pen kits from different vendors?
  15. Kburr

    Help!! Pen kits, bulk, pricing! Sorry so long!

    I am relatively new to pen turning and have just started selling the products I create. In the past, I have sold my items too cheap but have been working hard to create prices that are reasonable yet benefit me as well. That being said, I HAVE MY FIRST BIG ORDER! Not just one or two pens but...
  16. A

    Heavy and/or balanced pen kits

    I am looking for pen kits that are on the heavy side. Making a pen for my boss and he used to play ncaa college ball as a defensive lineman so he is a very large man. What would you guys recommend?
  17. C

    Top 3 Fountain Pen Kits under $25

    If you could only work with three kits for fountain pens, which would they be and who (which vendor) would you buy them from? Just to keep things from getting too expensive, let's say less than $25 per kit (ignoring shipping). Thanks in advance for your answers - I am trying to learn about...
  18. T

    7mm Pen Bushings

    I have been buying my blanks, pen kits and bushings from a local woodworking store. I am starting to sell my pens and I need to reduce cost of production so I have been looking online. I am looking to purchase my pen and pencil kits in larger quantities at a cost saving. Which brings me to my...
  19. cryptolo

    Expanding Brass Tubes

    Hello all, I recently glued up about a dozen pen blanks with 7mm brass tube in my garage which was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and left them there to cure overnight. The next day I turned two blanks on my lathe and pressed the parts together to make a pen with no problems. I brought the...
  20. D

    Pen Turning Ethics

    I have made sure, to the best of my ability, that the wood I use for my pens is absent from both CITES and the ICUN lists. But I am still at a quandary concerning pen kits themselves. I have been filling orders with USA made kits (Desire or Hancock, Liberty, or Eagle Pen kits) but, from I can...
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