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  1. floatslow

    Turners Warehouse Dye

    Hello fellow IAP members. As I have been enjoy the hobby more and more, looking for means to expand into it, I have begun perusing the art of casting, I have purchased items from Turners Warehouse in the past, and am checking there site for casting epoxy and dyes. They sell dyes from Alluminite...
  2. MRDucks2

    Food Grade SS resin stirring loops

    From time to time you just have to share some of life’s simple secrets. This is a kit to sew your turkey shut for cooking. They always go on clearance after Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or Easter. Typically for 5 to 10 cents a pack at places Walmart or a dollar store, as expensive as a quarter...
  3. C

    Clear tubes for casting pen blanks

    Where does one find clear tubes for casting pens blanks? I have been using Ptown subbie silicone molds and pvc, but I have seen clear tubes on some videos.
  4. MRDucks2

    Heat Gun - Solder Rework Station

    My is starting to do a lot of resin work in her craft and jewelry line. Initially we bought her a small butane torch from Lowe’s to help her with bubbles and such in her resin. Obviously the flame of even a small torch gets quite hot, so she suggested a heat gun may work better for her. After...
  5. Racer3770

    Alumilite Pour - Abstraction

    Here’s a link to what I’ve been calling “Pen Blank Hype Videos”. It shows a little bit of my process and I find them kind of mesmerizing to watch as the colors layer. Check it out if you get the chance! Abstraction Pen Blank Pour
  6. Master Geppetto

    7" Diameter Hybrid Sphere

    Here is my latest project. Maple burl and Alumilite cast hybrid sphere. Enjoy!
  7. M

    How Long Before Cutting?

    I am doing my first block of pen blanks with Alumilite and what is the average time before you guys cut your blanks? The cast works out to cover 4 Slim Lines and 4 Gatsby blanks. I don't want to cut and drill too soon. Thanks in advance for the help.
  8. T

    What pressure pot do you use?

    I am looking to purchase a pressure pot for resin casting, but I only want to do it once...okay, once more. :-) What pot do you use and would you recommend it, or a different one? Thank you.
  9. K

    Casting Alumilite Ribbon Pen Blanks

    Hey everyone! I just added a new video to my YouTube on casting ribbon pen blanks. While it's not a complete "step by step" tutorial you should be able to grasp the basic process through the video. If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment on the video and I'll be sure to...
  10. Racer3770

    Giveaway Pen

    I gave this pen away as a promotion for my instagram page (@The_Pensmiths). The Tiny Giant kit pen kit is dressed in one of my alumilite pours. I am really happy with how this one turned out. Thanks for looking! :turtle:
  11. G

    Just made my first hybrid castings. check these out!

    These "turned" out way better than I thought. They are all hybrids with stabilized red box elder (thanks to cactus juice) and alumilite. The blue silver one is clear alumilite with blue dye with blue pearlex and clear alumilite with antique silver pearlex - approximately 80%/20% mix...
  12. P

    Resin saver mold for dragon pen

    I'm looking for molds, with cork ends, for PSI dragon twist pen. Anyone have instructions on how to make the molds? Can I buy them anywhere?
  13. J

    Casting around wood

    I am looking at casting wood. I am not making pen blanks but something larger. Will polyester resin adhere to the wood or should I go with alumilite or epoxy resin instead?
  14. J

    Stamp blank.. I need one made

    I have a Celtic pen tube and some stamps that I need affixed to the tube and cast in clear. Who has the the ability and experience to do this correctly? This will be a personal pen. What would be the cost? Thanks guys.
  15. W

    Greetings from South Jersey

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site but I've been turning pens for almost 15 years now. I like to use unique woods and materials for my projects. I turn key rings, pepper mills, salt shakers and just about any other thing that gets my attention. For the last 2 years I've worked with poly...
  16. C

    Casting snake skin

    I am having trouble with casting snake skins. I'm using Alumilite and the casting is clear and turns out good, but for some reason spots on the snake skin are white or foggy looking. I am using CA medium and I was putting the blanks in the casting shortly after. But, later studying I found the...
  17. bfrazier

    Casting "live" Flowers and Leaves

    I've been toying around with the idea of casting some of our beautiful Vermont fall foliage into blanks by utilizing some small colorful leaves or in some cases some truly unique wild flowers of the region. I'm new to some of the more unique casting processes, so I have several questions...
  18. jsolie

    Casting labels in finials

    I've got a question for those with more label casting experience than me, but first a bit of background. Often on capped pens, I'll punch out the metal finial and then use some left over blank to turn a replacement. I'll do this with both wood and PR/Alumilite/AA. I've been asked if it's...
  19. P

    casting carbon fiber

    I am tryng to cast some carbon fiber blanks for the virage kit. Using 0.5 inch carbon/fiberglass biaxial sleeves from Soller Composites. My problem is getting the carbon fiber tight enough at the ends so it doesn't come through when I turn down to the bushings. Any suggestions?
  20. Racer3770

    Labels & Decals Wrapping Pen Tubes

    Hey guys! I've been a member here for a while but I rarely post. I was wondering what method you all use to wrap items around the pen tube. I have seen the "We the People" blanks and I want to do something similar to that with reproduced confederate bank notes I recently picked up. The paper is...
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