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  1. J

    HazeProblems with a CA finish

    Hi, I have been turning pens for many years now and recently been noticing a problem with hazing on the CA finish. Using Starbond Heavy-thin and Medium, Blue Shop towels and NO accelerator. I leave the the CA finished blanks for 24-48 hours to cure and don’t notice any issues. After Wet...
  2. R

    European style pen

    I finished up this Euro pen the other day with a CA finish, I think it turned out pretty good. The wood is Teak, and it has a story behind it. The teak was given to me by a friend who was a Seabee in the Navy. He told me the wood came off a cargo ship that was running between Taiwan and Africa...
  3. K


    OK, so I am still fairly new to the CA finish to pens, and I am looking for pointers. I have tried it on about 5 or so pens so far, and only one of them makes me slightly satisfied. I am currently using a medium thick CA with a BLO/CA application placing around 5-8 layers. The problem that I am...
  4. patmurris

    Bird seeds Sierra

    Hi all! :smile: Still from the "anything's possible with CA" department, here is another experiment with bird seeds: I proceeded as for the mimosa flowers except i used ground seeds to 'paint' the tube before gluing the seeds. There is a lot of potential with seeds... I'm thinking...
  5. hardrockgeorge

    Introduction: No More Orders Til After Christmas

    I made the mistake of starting this hobby before Christmas...lesson learned. I started turning pens about a 6 weeks ago. I watched a lot of youtube, lurked the forums and made a few Harry Potter style magic wands before turning my first pen. I am now 36 pens in and not planning on slowing...
  6. Dulos

    Foggy CA/BLO Finish

    I am continually running into this problem with my CA/BLO finish. I get little patches of foggy spots in my finish. I have tried every variable I can to eliminate the problem but it still persists. There are times when I think I got it right but a few minutes later the foggy patches emerge...
  7. M

    wine stopper assembly question

    I just started to make wine stoppers and did't feel that the threaded connection between the acrylic top and the SS stopper was a good strong fit, so I decided to add a little CA inside the acrylic hole (which I used a tapping tool on and was on a threaded chuck). After I screwed the two...
  8. M

    CA & BLO - sploches

    I have been using BLO & CA for the last 2-3 months with average results and after some more research on this forum and others I realized my problem. Basically I was putting on way to little CA (literally 1-2 drops per side) and then rubbing so hard that I was probably rubbing it back off. I...
  9. M

    BLO & CA

    I have made about 10 pens using the alternate BLO, CA (medium) approach - about 5 layers on a medium speed. I move quickly so not to have any buildup. I don't have any cloudiness and the pen has a nice shine to it. I also finish it with either Rennaissance wax. The problem (or concern) is...
  10. A

    CA BLO toxic after cured?

    i know CA is toxic when using it, but... my worry is this - if someone chews on one of my pens finished with CA-BLO will they get sick? assuming it's fully cured, it's essentially a hard plastic finish right? JC
  11. W

    Help! I messed up!

    Hey everyone, so I need some help. Last night I was assembling a Rhodium & Gold Jr. Gent II fountain when the plastic threads came loose in the CB, thinking of a solution I decided to use a little thin CA. Well me being THE HUGE dummy :mad::mad: I am didn't let the glue dry before test fitting...
  12. B

    what I've learned

    Reality...I'm a fairly new turner, focusing on burls, celtic knots and wothless wood crack blanks. Turned a few with my standard rykon midi lathe setup that turned out pretty good, then noticed a host of problems form out of round (OOR) and dullness on the ca finish and painful hours of...
  13. A

    CA finish and bushings

    Newbie here, but I've done about 10 CA finishes so far. I haven't yet tried the BLO step, but I will. Instead, I've used a spray accelerator. My question, when removing the bushings from the completed blank (with the CA finish applied) it is necessary to "break" the bushings off of the...
  14. BigguyZ

    Giving CA one more chance- Rockler's Stick Fast, and using more than one brand of CA

    OK, so in the interest of time, I'm going to give CA one last chance. I'm going to try to stabilize all woods, and then I'm throwing my old bottles of CA and using fresh ones. I've been using the Stick Fast product that Rockler has, as it's a good price for the large bottles. I recently...
  15. BigguyZ

    Enduro- how thick of a layer is it?

    OK, I'm getting sick of CA, as I'vehad yet another finish crack on me for no reason! This was yellowheart that was dry. Not ebony, or a peice of wet wood. Maybe it was the CA, as it is a bit old.... but it went on fine, and held for 3-4 weeks or more before tiny cracks formed in the pen. :(...
  16. BigguyZ

    Wood movement, or "The case for Trustone and Acrylics" (rant/ brainstorm)

    OK, I'll try to take some pictures to show what I'm talking about, but my current camera doesn't exactly take Macro pictures very well. AAAnyway, I'm looking over my pens for sale this morning, and a quilted maple (?) sierra I did a few weeks ago now has spider webs cracks all over the...
  17. Lenny

    Majestic Jr. fountain

    My first attempt at turning a Majestic Jr. rollerball resulted in a nice pen that wouldn't "post", as the plastic threads got bunged up. So for my second try I decided to do a fountain out of Amboyna burl. =0) It was also my first attempt at adding blo to the finishing process with the CA.
  18. I

    Majestic in IBO

    Hi All, Here's my latest pen, a Rodium and BT Majestic RB in Irish Bog Oak. I worked hard on the finish on this one and got a LOT of input from IAP members (THANKS!) on the CA/BLO finish. I still see places to improve it but am pretty pleased with the final product.
  19. VisExp

    Titebond CA

    Interesting article/video Titebond have entered the CA market. As well as the thin, medium and thick they also have a gel. Has a shelf life of two years. More info on their site at...
  20. Munsterlander

    clouds, acetone

    OK, batting about .333 on CA/BLO finish with the biggest culprit being the dreaded clouds. Russ posted a while back that that happens when there's still too much moisture in the wood. I also saw someone say to throw them in a drawer and wait and sometimes they go away (you guys have more...
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