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  1. F

    Now Look What you Made Me Do!

    The talents displayed on this site are awe inspiring and very motivating. The resource pages are just full of techniques that I am anxious to try. One such is the Scalloped Pen tutorial by Tim Spaulding. I decided I would give it a go using Walnut, and coloured veneer. Using this method...
  2. L

    Hello from Australia

    Hello all, I am reasonably new to pen turning. Have been looking at it for a few years, but only recently finished my first pen. Pen turning is a part of my larger hobby of machining and building things (to solve problems). I have a Hercus 260 lathe, Bridgeport clone mill, and a Prusa i3 3D...
  3. steamshovel

    blank length

    I am assembling some Artisan clicker pen kits and I can't find the length to trim them. I got them from Craft supplies and the part # for the brass tubes is 1011700002. Is it 4.125? Preston
  4. Woodchipper

    Coating an insert tube

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I'm just too lazy to do a search. I notice that many use some sort of coating or paint to cover the brass tube when it will show through the pen plank. What do you pen makers use? Does it change the OD of the tube any? I have some acrylic blanks for...
  5. Jgrden

    Luke's Saber

    For your review and comments. :hammer:
  6. Cavediver

    Metal choices for bushings and pen parts?

    Since Online Metals has a coupon code for $20 off shipping, I've decided to pick up a few things for pen turning. ( SCM6B valid 12/20/16 only ) I'd like to get some decent metal for TBC bushings, plus I'd like some stock for making nibs, caps, and bands. I'm new to metal turning, working on...
  7. Roy_Quast

    Tutorial for a fish scale pen OR how to NEVER blow up a blank while drilling

    I made this tutorial back in 2010 and I put it on Penturner's Paradise. That site has since shut down. A few people have asked me to put it here so... here it is. I would hope that if you read all the way through this thread that you learn 2 things. 1... how to make the fish-scale pen and 2...
  8. D

    handmade marquetry pens

    Hi all On my previous post ( ) I presented 3 handmade marquetry pens made exclusively from wood. I worked further and created 4 marquetry pens using a combination of different materials such as aluminum, brass, copper...
  9. BangleGuy

    Blackwood and Brass

    Here is a bangle I finished today using a pilot run of brass bangle cores and African Blackwood. I was inspired by a friend who requested a Blackwood core for stainless steel and I thought of going for the 'India' look. Since Gold is way out of the question, brass seemed like the next best...
  10. R

    50 cal once fired brass

    anybody looking for 50 cal once fired brass, 69.95 for a 100 in a ammo can
  11. Dalecamino

    Brass Segments with HRB

    Made this pen contrary to Jeff Powells recommendations . :rolleyes: I cut the blanks on my bandsaw which has a 3/8" blade . This will be the last one cut with the BS . I just need more practice with my scrollsaw . This one came apart twice . Got the pieces back in but not as tight as before...
  12. D

    Celtic Knot in Brass - Difficulties

    Experimenting with BRASS INLAY (2x10 mil) for Celtic Knot. I know this is pushing it so far as thickness is concerned. Any guidelines for drilling, gluing, clamping in vise and turning? My first attempt to drill the blank resulted in a disaster. I used a parabolic bit and did not place the knot...
  13. B

    Hiding Glue When Using Transparent Blanks

    I've been making pens for quite some time but have mostly worked with wood as it is simply my material of preference. I do however from time to time make some acrylic pens and usually have fairly good luck in turning out a good looking pen. Recently I had a friend request I make her several...
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