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  1. Woodchipper

    Idea for tube and clear acrylic blank?

    I am still new at this but have an idea. There was an inquiry about a blank with a certain finish. Thought I could crinkle some aluminum foil, flatten it and glue it around a tube. I know it would increase the diameter a bit. How would it react with CA or epoxy? Would the glue hold? Try it and...
  2. A

    Threads question...

    How do you figure out what diameter to turn aluminum stock down to for a specific die? For example a #10-32 die?
  3. J

    Need help, blanks with aluminum separating

    I want to move to more challenging turning. I found some pictures on here of pens with stripes of metal running the length of the barrel. I found this was aluminum flashing so I promptly went out and bought some, cut it, scuffed up the faces, and bonded it into two sandwich blanks using System...
  4. Krudwig

    Cabrollero Kit on Walnut and Cherry

    Here is another segmented walnut and cherry with aluminum. This is the second one I've done the first was on a classic vintage kit. I've done cabinetry work and they say that a what separates a good carpenter from a average carpenter is the ability to fix your mistakes or disguise them. Well...
  5. Krudwig

    Walnut, cherry, aluminuim

    Here is a vintage classic from Smitty's! It was a $2 kit on closeout and I have been learning for maybe three months less than 20 pens so far. I thought this one turned out nice ! Also I posted one picture with my ipad and it will only do 1 picture period! Any ideals, I know others have the same...
  6. jmbaker79

    First Aluminum Pen with Alt. Ebony

    So this is the first attempt at turning aluminum barrels. It is a Chrome Jr. Gent I FP. This is also my 2nd fp, the first one will be posted soon as well, and upgraded nibs are in the mail. The cap is made of alt. ebony with aluminum segment bands. I picked this aluminum up at lowes on a whim...
  7. palmermethod


    I have started messing with my Sherline lathe and jus tried out the collets. Similar to Beall collets these have a threaded portion for attaching a draw bar. FYI A drawbar threads into the collett and as you tighten the rod, the collett is pulled further in the lathe head to tightly grip the...
  8. creativewriting

    1st Kitless ~ Aluminum & Polymer

    I finally got one finished. About a month ago I decided I wanted to take the plunge into kitless pens. The only problem was I didn't have a metal lathe to do what I wanted and secondly as a polymer guy I had very little experience turning anything, let alone metal. With the consent of LOML I...
  9. rsmith

    First real attempt at aluminum

    This aluminum was originally only supposed to be some scrap "test" pieces to see how it behaved with my tools. After playing around a little, I still had room to put some shape to it, so it ended up turning into a pen. Based on a Euro style, the cap and nib are platinum (I had only drilled to...
  10. djwood1

    New Aluminum Segment Design

    Here' a design I made for single barrel pens. Now I need to figure out a name for the design. Anyone got any good ideas? Aero pen, black wood, aluminum segments, BLO/CA finish. Comments are welcome...THX I didn't see a tutorial on this type of segmenting. Would folks like to see a...
  11. Stick Rounder

    Gentlemen's Pen in Aluminium Bronze Alloy

    Hello! Here is my latest offering. Made for one of my co-workers who liked the Barron but was not big enough for his hands. Greg can hide a Barron in the palm of his hand. Please let me know what you think, all comments are welcome and appreciated. Yes, it is heavy. Thanks for looking.
  12. Stick Rounder

    Barron in aluminum-Bronze alloy - 2

    Hello!! Here is the second Bronze-Aluminum Barron Pen, I sent the first one to my buddy in Atlanta. Still working on the photo thing. This is to prove that the first one was not just dumb luck. Any comments or critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  13. Stick Rounder

    Barron in aluminum-Bronze alloy

    Hello, Here is my Barron in Aluminum-Bronze Alloy. Please tell me what you think.
  14. Stick Rounder

    First Attempt at Closed End Pen

    Hello, this is my first attempt at a closed-end pen. The more I browse the pages here, the more I become inspired. I purchased the drill chuck and closed end mandrel two months ago but have not had the courage to attempt a pen. Then two days ago my aluminum arrived from
  15. VisExp

    Circles in a Forest

    This is the pen I am sending Mike (Hosspen) my PITH partner. My apologies for being past the due date Mike, I hope the wait is worth it. The pen is packaged and will be in the mail first thing Monday. During some e-mail exchanges Mike mentioned that he liked the Sierra Click, was...
  16. B

    glue for coke can segments?

    I have this crazy idea I need to use coke can pieces for. Will CA work or do I need to use something different?
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