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Jul 19, 2007
Arvada Colorado, USA
I have started messing with my Sherline lathe and jus tried out the collets. Similar to Beall collets these have a threaded portion for attaching a draw bar. FYI A drawbar threads into the collett and as you tighten the rod, the collett is pulled further in the lathe head to tightly grip the metal part for machining. They are a nice addition to your lathe or mill but you can create problems by over-tightening the colletts. DAMHIKT!

I had been machining threaded aluminum parts. And having had problems with aluminum galling, read up on why anti-seize lubricant is necessary. It prevents metal to metal parts from getting stuck or jammed. (like aluminum heads and sparkplugs).

I lightly coated my arbors and collets with this stuff and have not had any problems popping the arbors out of the lathe, milling table or whatever. It is a lifesaver! I have read horror stories of stuck arbors in lathe heads and it can ruin your equipment.

Just a tip from another metal lathe newbie. :)
I am loving this!
Bob S.
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