First real attempt at aluminum

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Dec 27, 2008
Frederick, Maryland
This aluminum was originally only supposed to be some scrap "test" pieces to see how it behaved with my tools. After playing around a little, I still had room to put some shape to it, so it ended up turning into a pen. Based on a Euro style, the cap and nib are platinum (I had only drilled to 7mm and went all the way through, so I couldn't close the end like I would next time.) The upper barrel was etched with the tip of the skew to create the CB. Even threw a Fisher "space pen" refill in for the h%&L of it (shameless gimmick:rolleyes:, but hey, how many times will you write underwater with a wood pen? :eek:) Sanded to 800, MM (probably a waste of 2 valuable minutes?), and 2 coats Flitz metal polish. Comments, criticism, suggestions, and the like are always welcomed...

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