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  1. E

    Hello! Pencil making

    Hello everyone, I am so happy to find this forum! I have a question. After a lot of research I am looking for pencil mechanisms (0.5mm, 0.7mm) with which I can make modern single piece mechanical pencils, as in the file attached. I have only found clutch 5.6mm but it is not very easy to use. Do...
  2. D

    What is this wood???

    Can anyone identify this wood: A friend of mine cut it in south Alabama. It has little knobs all over it and some of the knobs have sharp brier 'pookies' on them. There is a very thin green layer under the bark. I have it drying now but didn't want to turn it until I know if it's poisonous...
  3. Woodchipper

    Inserting a small part into a finial

    Let me be more precise here. I'm assembling a cartridge bullet click pen from WC, #151303. The instructions say to insert a small tube into the clip/retainer/cap assembly. There is to be 9/16 inch left in the assembly. I have the tube almost in with about i/32 left to go. My pen press has a...
  4. Woodchipper

    "Tiny bubbles in the glue"

    Don Ho sang about tiny bubbles in the wine. I got tiny bubbles in the glue. I was turning an acrylic piece this morning. It became translucent and the bubbles stuck out like sore thumb. Plus one end cracked so I tossed it. SWMBO and I saw some great pens at our local Woodcraft store a while...
  5. Woodchipper

    The Mrs. had a suggestion

    She mentioned yesterday to save the cutoffs from blanks or pieces of wood for other WWing projects. I told her that I was ahead of the game. I have a plastic tub full of wood and acrylic pieces, ready to glue up, drill and turn. I was searching for Corian to see what is said about gluing...
  6. I

    Looking for very thin woods

    Hi all, First post here. Been lurking a bit. I am looking for some really thin woods for blank segmenting. Different colors, lengths to about ten inches max. I'm happy to buy from someone here if possible. Happy to support my fellow craftsmen!
  7. J

    hello from Washington State

    Hello and thank you for creating such a cool and friendly website. i have been pen turning for almost a year now so i am still a newbie but i like to think that im a good one. i do also enjoy making other things besides pens but my interests right now are definitely with pens. i have just...
  8. J

    Greetings from Idaho

    I'm a retired special education teacher, currently doing curriculum development consulting from a home office. Before I was a teacher, I was a professional musician (percussionist) and I spend a good bit of time in my shop building cajons (wooden hand drums). I decided to buy a lathe and...
  9. Blackwood

    Baltic birch

    I have a customer who wants a pen made from Baltic birch, but all I can find is the plywood, does anyone have any ideas where I could find it or maybe just birch? Also is birch too soft to use for a pen. Thanks for your help
  10. M

    CNC lathe, dowel machine or chopstick miller???

    :confused: I am beginning a pen turning project in Ghana. I did my prototype by hand, knife and sand paper! Apparently l used it as a teaser and it aroused some interest. Now i am considering to produce that pen on large scale (say 10,000) per month for some schools and government agencies...
  11. C

    Woodturning is expensive....

    Hello! Been around here for a while now i haven't posted any of my pens up but I've decided I must share my KOA bowl. The bowl is 7.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall, I had some scary moments along the way however everything worked out! Thanks for looking! C&C Encouraged!
  12. O

    Help in identifying this tree and wood.

    Hi! I understand that this woodturning community is very effective at helping one another find answers to their questions. I recently helped a fellow woodturner harvest some burls from a couple trees in the neighborhood. We have both had our eyes on them for a long time now. We finally took...
  13. T

    Choosing the Right Pen Blank

    First, I am a newbie and I am hooked on making 7mm pens. I have purchasing my pen blanks (wood) from the local woodworking store. I have been seeing pen blanks from sale while doing web searches. Some same pre-drilled mini blanks 9/16 in x 9/16 in x2-1/32 in. would these blanks work?
  14. rkimery

    Another Pricing Question

    Thought first. then a question. I am a self-taught pen turner. Woodworking for over 40 years now and started something new about 3-1/2 years ago - penturning. I love it. Perhaps I am not as fast as some of the more experience turners on here. I use a CA finish on all wood pens I make...
  15. C

    Hi from Memphis, TN/ Blaine, WA

    Hi!!! Just came across the IAP and figured I would join up!! I currently live in Memphis, but am moving to Blaine, WA soon. I would like to network around and get acquainted w/ some pen turners/ wood turners in the area(s) who can help me source out supplies as well as just talk pens!!!!! I am...
  16. W

    Anyone know what wood this is?

    The photo shows a pen that I made ages ago - back when I actually made slimlines on a regular basis. I've got a customer that wants this wood with better hardware, but without knowing what the wood is, all I can do is hope that the blank I buy is it. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  17. M

    How to stabilize wood blanks with resin

    I have a contract to make wine stoppers from a 100+ year old Lindy tree (bass wood). I use CA finish on my pens but would be a challenge on wine stoppers. I know there are options such as Myslins 3-step, and other waxes or lacquers but I wanted to ensure a harder outer shell as the wood is so...
  18. R

    Great Burl Woods

    I came across a site the other day while searching for some exotic burl wood. Bad Dogs Burl Source - Home Page A great website, with a ton of beautiful stuff and great customer service. I made a line of pens out of red mallee burl and rose myrtle burl, you can look at them here. Gorgeous...
  19. C

    Finding Cheap Beginning Blanks

    Hey!, Brand new to the forums I have been snooping around and decided to make an account. Anyways, i had a question. I was wondering where you guys would recommend finding cheap blanks just to start out, I live in Canada and so I have been getting them from Lee Valley Tools however the price...
  20. R

    New Novice Pen Maker

    I am new to the Association. I started turning pens about two years ago. I had retired from teaching because of a disability. After going through the busy work of the transition, I was sitting around one day totally bored. I told my wife that if I didn't find something to do, I would just...
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