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  1. KDM

    My First Pen - Yew and ROTUR kit

    Well, here's my first pen. Made from a piece of West country yew and a standard 7mm ROTUR kit. I have a Prazimat metal turning lathe, so I ground a woodcutting bit for it. I enjoyed this, so I think I'll invest in a small set of proper wood tools and make a little tool rest. My...
  2. B

    Purple Heart Burl?

    Has anyone ever seen purple heart burl...is there such a thing? If so any pictures or places to purchase? Thanks, Steve
  3. spacebrandon

    Getting started

    What do you recommed for a starters at PSI (I'm only shopping at PSI) lathe, finishes, or pen starter sets.
  4. spacebrandon

    beginner turner

    i have a few qustions that have been unanswered in the videos the I have seen here they are: Should I use a wax or cream/liquid polish? Do I need a sanding sealer? What is best for the beginner wood or acryilc:rolleyes:
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