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  1. Woodchipper

    Back in the fold

    Been a while and got out of pen turning. Turned a Slimline a looong time ago and gave it for a door prize for our Sunday School class. A teacher got it and said it would be put to use Monday morning. I told him it included Spell Check. It was from a maple cutting board that my wife put in the...
  2. Dueyvan

    Unknown wood/ picture problems

    I made this pen from a piece of tree that I was given by a client at my job. I don’t know what it is, and I can’t believe how hard it is to take good pictures of a pen. Would love feedback as to what kinda wood as well as photography pointers.
  3. jrista

    "Straight" slimlines and "inward bowing" in turned blanks...

    I've been trying to turn the last of my slimline kits. Its what I started with, which is probably how most turners start. I've recently been turning larger kits, and have found them far, far more satisfying than the slimlines (of any variety), with more consistent results, small errors are, in...
  4. R

    Slimline click pen refills

    I have been trying to find an upgraded refill for clicks pens, anyone have a link as to where I can find this refill than you.
  5. 21.059 Slimline Twist Pen with engraving

    21.059 Slimline Twist Pen with engraving

    Fancy gold slimline pen with engraving and rainbow paint fill
  6. ranchonodinero

    slimline kits

    50 plus various slimline kits from various suppliers (Berea hardwoods or woodcraft). Will also include some bushings. The picture doesn't show all 50. Bargain priced at $120 shipped CONUS USPS flat rate box.
  7. Woodchipper

    Turning between centers in progress

    I have some pens for the juried museum showcase mentioned in another thread. Some of the pens are without bushings so I had to learn real fast. Had some spacers and turned them down put them on a mandrel with the Slimline bushing between them as a guide along with calipers plus fitting to the...
  8. D

    Slimline from cut offs

    Didn't know what To do with all my scrap cutoffs, so i glued Them together and made a junk pen
  9. K

    Turning A Modified Slimline

    I've posted a couple of these pens to my Instagram & Facebook feed and always had questions about the process. Since I have a YouTube channel I decided to make a video on the process. They're really simple to make once you know how! yzrpEF1Dojs
  10. S

    Fix a transmission that went in too far?

    A young person of my acquaintance was assembling his first-ever pen (slimline), and he pushed the transmission in too far by just a half mm. Now, even when the pen is fully 'retracted,' the tip of the refill sticks out past the tip of the pen. Is there any way to back the transmission up...
  11. Woodchipper

    Too much material left

    I just finished assembling three pens and they look like crap, at least to me. I turned down as close to the bushing but when assembled, there is a lot of material above the parts. These are WC Slimline pens and acrylic blanks. I got a PSI catalogue and saw the catalogue had a set of...
  12. Woodchipper

    CA job is lousy!

    I have some pens for troops. I noticed upon inspection that some of the CA finishes are really bad. I had applied it while the lathe was slowly turning. The CA is rough and has spirals in it. :frown: I found a magazine article that said to apply the finish of any kind with the lathe off...
  13. Kburr

    First set of blanks & slimlines!

    Cherryburl and alumilite twist pens!
  14. P

    New Office Pen for Clip Man

    New office pen to share with my clip workers. :eek: It is a Honduras Rosewood on a satin slimline, with a BLO finish.
  15. N

    Loose band on a Lee Valley Slimline

    Hi Folks, I've been poking around in the forums to see if somebody else has answered this, as I'm sure it's a common question/mistake I'm making. I've built a few slimline kits from Lee Valley. They seem to go together ok, but I've noticed that the band around the center is often loose...
  16. W

    Improved engraving by removing a FLAT on pen barrel

    I would like to remove about 1/16 inch off a slimline pen barrel, to give me more space to engrave a name with a pantograph engraver (Gravograph IM3). Any pen over 10mm, 3/8 inch, diameter engraves well with my IM3. Anyone have any suggestions how to do this accurately. thank you Peter
  17. W

    Create a FLAT surface to engrave names

    Hello, What suggestions can you give me to make a flat surface on a 7mm pen, in order to give me 1 1/2 mm, (1/16") to engrave on a flat surface. Please give me a technical description of how to hold the pen, and how to create the FLAT surface. Tools available: - Lathes, Dremel, Pillar...
  18. F

    First attempt at a pen (and glue up, and inlay, and CA)

    As the title implies, I thought I'd go all out with my first pen. Lot of firsts with mixed results. The glue up was a success (Mesquite burl with Texas Ebony)and I give the solder inlay an A-. The pen turned out nice but for some reason when I trimmed the ends they didn't square up correctly...
  19. phsv

    First pen photo session, please C&C

    Here is one of the photos from my first attempt at pen photography. I used two light sources for this image. One overhead video light giving a slight glow on the pen and using a bounced small hotshoe flash as the main fill light. I realized that I need to add more light to the button of the pen...
  20. spindlecraft

    Snowman Pen

    Saw a couple of people post these on a Facebook Pen Turners group, and decided to give one a try today. Really happy with how it came out. Red coated slimline kit, ebony hat, and poplar body. Details were painted with acrylic paint after it was sanded and polished.
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