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  1. dale

    Poblems with a slimline pen

    Ive made several slimline pens but have noticed on a couple that after they are pressed together at least a week later the wood will crack where I pressed in the front part of the pen kit. I usually leave a large amount of wood at the end of the pen so if you have a reason that this is...
  2. keithlong

    It Was Pens Today

    I spent a little more time in the shop today. I hadsome pens to turn out. The slimline pen is bocote, I made it in exchange for a box full of exotic wood, The next one was a birthday present for my wife's boss, it is a wallstreetII click pen with osage orange, a co-worker of my wife ordered the...
  3. ngeb528

    Recent fun

    Here's a selection of some recent pens I've made. 1st - Yellow & Red Dyed Curly Maple 2nd - Curly Koa Sierra 3rd - Redheart Brushed Silver Sierra Comments welcome.
  4. Dalboy

    First pens

    Just a few of the pens I have done so far will post more later First good pen from walnut another from walnut Beech and purple heart Beech and some veneer I had in the scrape box Commemoration pen and letter opener Hope you enjoy them
  5. A

    Cocobolo Desk Pen

    This desk pen is made from cocobolo with a couple of captive rings.
  6. juteck

    Old and New - a few pen pics to get started

    After a few posts and an introduction, I took some pictures this weekend of some of my pens. This slimline is birdseye maple, although I took the wrong view and you really can't see the birdseyes. I've been using this pen almost daily for the past 5 years. The original finish was probably tung...
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