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  1. R

    Wood Honeycomb and Alumilite

    This is a wood "skeleton" in a honeycomb pattern from Kenneth Wines that I cast in Alumilite with purple and silver Pearl-Ex. He normally creates a wood inlay blank, but I had an idea that seems to have turned out well. I have several other patterns from him and will be casting those in the near...
  2. Kburr

    Stylus Pens! Olive wood❤

    Olive wood and blue/turquoise alumilite What would you charge for something like this?
  3. J

    Casting around wood

    I am looking at casting wood. I am not making pen blanks but something larger. Will polyester resin adhere to the wood or should I go with alumilite or epoxy resin instead?
  4. T

    Alternatives to Cactus Juice?

    Hey all, I've tried to search for this, but there is so much information on this forum about "resins" that it's difficult to find anything that directly answers this question. Being that both Cactus Juice and Stickfast stabilizing resins are so expensive, what are alternatives? Are there any...
  5. J

    stablizing question

    I am new to stablizing and am trying to figure out if i can use PR to do the stablizing or if I need to buy a specific type of resin
  6. W

    Different style of bandsaw box

    I used my blanks from my "Reincarnated Wood" to create Dr. Seuss inspired bandsaw boxes. The Green one is buckeye burl with alumilite and the purple is Maple burl with alumilite. I really couldnt find a style of bandsaw boxes I liked so I made up my own style. I think they came out pretty good
  7. R

    I'm Addicted

    This hobby is far too addictive. I decided to venture away from wood and try my hand at casting PR. I'm hooked. Ordered the skin from eBay and my first pen from it is already sold. Luckily, the addiction/hobby pays for itself.
  8. S

    Starting to dye and stabilize and could use some guidance

    I'm going to be dyeing and stabilizing wood myself later today as soon as UPS shows up with my resin order and could use some guidance on dye to resin ratios. Using Cactus Juice resin and alumilite dye, trying for a nice mid to dark blue in Hemlock wood (Pine/Fir type wood) Any advice on a...
  9. brettlyk

    Some Turnings with George's Blanks

    I recently procured some of George's Bits of Timber, Truffle Wood Poly Resin blanks and tried my hand at something other than what I have been working with. I'd love to say that they were easy, :frown: but there was loads of challenges and sharpening and I learnt a lot along the way. :biggrin...
  10. M

    How to stabilize wood blanks with resin

    I have a contract to make wine stoppers from a 100+ year old Lindy tree (bass wood). I use CA finish on my pens but would be a challenge on wine stoppers. I know there are options such as Myslins 3-step, and other waxes or lacquers but I wanted to ensure a harder outer shell as the wood is so...
  11. cschimmel

    PR vs Alumilite, a test

    A little test I did with alumilite and PR, hard to believe I'm not a scientist right. Pen Making Shop Test Polyester Resin PR vs Alumilite on a stamp pen. - YouTube
  12. cschimmel

    Next video in the beginner series

    Here is a short little video to help explain Acrylics and some of the details about them. 3rd video in my series for beginners. Pen Making: Acrylic Blanks, Materials and Uses - YouTube Thanks for watching your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
  13. jjudge

    Logo over cast-resin pens (circuit board)

    There was a 2009 thread on engraving circuit board pens. End summary seemed to be: Yes, you can laser engrave the cast resin pens -- they frost less than acrylic, so you really have to fill them No, you probably don't want to do that -- because it could look odd to have a logo or text...
  14. mostangrypirate

    my tru-stone recipe

    A couple years ago, I posted what I considered to be a near successful attempt at creating my own turquoise webbing effect. if you care to view it just check my thread history for "tru-stone success?" won't be hard to find as I only started about a dozen threads. So anyway, several people asked...
  15. F

    Some resin pendants.

    Getting ready to pour some resin to make a range of pendant blanks to complement the pen blanks we have already . Thought I'd try turning some pre-production blanks this weekend to check on the colour combinations , what do you think ? Wood N Workshop To have a look at our pen blanks click...
  16. M

    Custom resin blanks

    First , Hello every one Im new 8 months to pen turning Love the woods started playing with the resins also I have just started learning to cast my own but haveing problems getting right colors but i will figure it out eventully,. The question I have is thier any one on here that make custom...
  17. Justin_F

    First timers coffee Bean casting question

    Hey, I wonder if you can give some help - its my first time casting coffee beans. Basically I am using a 6" copper tube (1" diameter) with a stopper at one end. Tonight I measured the amount of PR that I would need by loading the pipe with beans and measuring the amount of water it took to fill...
  18. S

    Toaster Oven Directions or FAQ's????

    Is there anywere that has some basic info on how to perform the basic curing of PR after casting with a toaster oven? I have been experimenting with casting over the last couple of months and I get the sticky surface all the time and usually wait almost 4-5 days before turning just to make sure...
  19. S

    Painting tubes before PR casting?

    OK, I had a big problem with my first batch of PR blanks that I tried. Here is what happened. I prepped the tubes but scratching them up and then proceeded to use Testor's all purpose model enamel paint on the tubes. I used various colors and then coated all of them with Testor's one coat...
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