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Mar 25, 2005
Racine, WI, USA.
I really like your delivery, Chad. You seem comfortable and it's an "easy watch"!

Content-wise, there is a difference between acrylic (factory made under high pressure and heat) and resin (cast in your kitchen).

In penmaking this comes into play particularly for those who are trying to thread the blanks.

Acrylic is more dense and will hold threads better than Polyresin, which can be brittle, causing threads to "flake off". Alumilite seems to fall somewhere in the middle.

For pens that use the brass tubes and "kit" components, any of these materials can perform well.

I realize you can't cover everything in a video. My remarks are made only in an effort to help guide you and your viewers toward better "pen results"!!

Well done---I look forward to number 4!!

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