alumilite resin

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  1. C

    My second pine cone pen

    Thought I would share my second time working with pine cones. Kinda fun project in that I picked up the pine cones on a bike ride, stabilized them, mixed the alumilite resin (pearlized teal and white), and of course turned it. This project allowed me to try new techniques in each of the...
  2. CWebster

    Executive Black and Gold

    Black and gold executive pen, black with gold pearl alumilite resin blank.
  3. T

    Allergic to Alumilite

    I went from a beginner pen turning class, making a non-finished slimline pen in December to stabilizing my own wood, and casting my own blanks by February. I set up my workshop paying rent in the basement of our building and bought all the tools and equipment only to find out I'm allergic to...
  4. JPMcConnel

    Kitless Fountain Pen in Green and Copper Alumilite

    I recently completed a customer pen (my Chiosa model) using a Bob Dupras' custom alumilite blank with green and copper coloring. This has proven to be a popular color and I now have it in a lighter green as well. This pen includes a 14K Rhodium plated gold nib with a left oblique grind with...
  5. JPMcConnel

    Custom Kitless Pens in Purple and Gold Flexigran

    It had been a while since I posted pictures of fountain pens I have completed. This pair is done in purple and gold Flexigran, but different in style. Neither pen has a clip because clips were not desired. On the smaller pen with the rounded finials, I worked with Bob Dupras to come up with a...
  6. cschimmel

    Next video in the beginner series

    Here is a short little video to help explain Acrylics and some of the details about them. 3rd video in my series for beginners. Pen Making: Acrylic Blanks, Materials and Uses - YouTube Thanks for watching your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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