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  1. R

    Entire Woodturning Shop.

    Declining health forces me to close down my wood turning shop. I am located in Pasadena, Md. between Baltimore and Annapolis. I would like to sell as much locally as I can before I consider shipping. The highlights with what I paid are: Laguana 1836-Near new. spring 2023 $3000 & shipping...
  2. RDHals

    Grumpy Guy Pens

    Grumpy Guy Pens is all about handcrafted writing instruments, or pens, made one at a time. I make other things as well like bottle stoppers and cocktail smokers. Stop by have a look.
  3. MRDucks2

    Food Grade SS resin stirring loops

    From time to time you just have to share some of life’s simple secrets. This is a kit to sew your turkey shut for cooking. They always go on clearance after Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or Easter. Typically for 5 to 10 cents a pack at places Walmart or a dollar store, as expensive as a quarter...
  4. Sand Mountain Designs

    Artist UV Resin - has anyone tried?

    I got this in an email today and wondered if anyone had tried it yet. If so, what did you think? Artist UV Resin - Berea Hardwoods YouTube Video
  5. ranchonodinero

    Pigments for casting

    $80 What you see in the images is what you will get. Large lot of pigments for casting. Many are unopened and the ones that were have plenty of product left. Will ship USPS CONUS. Paypal.
  6. MRDucks2

    Heat Gun - Solder Rework Station

    My is starting to do a lot of resin work in her craft and jewelry line. Initially we bought her a small butane torch from Lowe’s to help her with bubbles and such in her resin. Obviously the flame of even a small torch gets quite hot, so she suggested a heat gun may work better for her. After...
  7. MRDucks2

    Keyring Fob Question

    Wife is falling in love with casting resin. One of the items she is getting requests for are keyring fobs (the dangly part) made from resin. She is trying to decide the beat way to attach. Screwing with n an eyelet, even with a predrilled hole is proving difficult at the eyelet shank in not very...
  8. Racer3770

    Alumilite Pour - Abstraction

    Here’s a link to what I’ve been calling “Pen Blank Hype Videos”. It shows a little bit of my process and I find them kind of mesmerizing to watch as the colors layer. Check it out if you get the chance! Abstraction Pen Blank Pour
  9. mjmeldrum

    Epoxy Resin and coloring

    Hello everyone. I think l’m in the right subject area for this post. Here’s the back story. I got some epoxy resin for casting my own blanks for Christmas. I‘ve now done two castings with similar results. I wanted to use two colors both times. I mixed them up and poured them into my molds...
  10. P

    Silmar 41 bonding to Alumilite

    So as most of the guys on the blank making end know, Alumilite doesnt bond to itself very well, or alot of other non-natural materials. However I'm curious if anyone has tried to bond Silmar 41 to Alumilite. I'm contemplating designing Alumilite Blanks that are shaped like "worthless wood" and...
  11. IMG_0024.jpg


    Egyptian pigments using no pressure pot.
  12. B

    Under the ocean 3d pen

    Hi im new to the forum and pen turning. 2018 October i first started getting into wood working and resin Casting, teached myself everything through google. Bought a lathe 3 weeks ago, and this is my 6th pen turned. Made some ugly but effective "tube in mold" molds, and build a 3d ocean...
  13. MRDucks2

    2019 Pretty Resin Pen Contest Voting - Final Vote

    Congratulations to the Finalists in the 2019 Pretty Resin Pen Contest Universal Bash Rules indicate the top 10 vote totals will move to the final round of voting. Here are your FINALISTS Vote for 1 pen as the best Pretty Resin Pen Pen A Pen C Pen F Pen G Pen I Pen J Pen K...
  14. MRDucks2

    2019 Pretty Resin Pen Contest Voting - Round #1

    We have a Total Of 16 Entries in the First Year of the Pretty Resin Pen Contest: Great participation by the IAP Members and 16 great pens! This will be first of two (2) rounds of voting, so PICK THREE (3) of your favorites in this round to advance them to the next round of voting. There...
  15. MRDucks2

    2019 Pretty Resin Pen Contest

    Pretty Resin Pen Contest Rules The Pretty Resin Pen Contest is new for 2019 and is not intended to compete with the Slim Line Contest, Advanced Casting Contest or the Segmented Pen Contest. The goal for this contest is for the resin to be the star, which includes those additives which enhance...
  16. MRDucks2

    Test Poll #3

    One more shot before I check with the bosses on how it works. Goal is for single selection, not visible on the results. I have one more button to click.
  17. MRDucks2

    Poll Test #2 Pretty Resin Pen Contest

    We will try a single selection with hidden results for this test.
  18. MRDucks2

    Pretty Resin Pen Poll

    This is a test of the Polling process for the IAP Website
  19. MRDucks2

    PRETTY RESIN PEN Contest Rules

    Final contest Rules will be posted immediately prior to the start of the BASH with the established email for submission and the prizes. Any final changes will be noted at that time. Pretty Resin Pen Contest Rules The Pretty Resin Pen Contest is new for 2019 and is not intended to compete...
  20. T

    What pressure pot do you use?

    I am looking to purchase a pressure pot for resin casting, but I only want to do it once...okay, once more. :-) What pot do you use and would you recommend it, or a different one? Thank you.
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