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  1. P

    My Slow Speed Drying Rack

    Out of everything I have learned and heard from the MPGS to the Hartville meetings and on the forum people have a slow speed drying rack for finishing Mark James was a excellent piece cheap and affordable. This hit me last night or the day before. As a child i played with KNEX that my...
  2. P

    Looking for pen kit answers

    My friend asked me if there was a pen kit that was slim but could also be heavy in weight. I know the slimline is the smallest pen kit you can go but for weight wise would tru-stone be on the heavier size. If there is anyone that has any suggestions to different kit and or blank that could...
  3. D

    I see your nice pens......I raise you this very FIRST pen and stand I made!

    Less than 2 years ago I set out on a journey to make a new twist pen and pen stand because I couldn't quite find what I was looking in the market. I want it to be machined metal, a bit unique and fun(Yep, I'm a pen fidgeter!) Less than 6 months ago and after countless revisions and...
  4. P

    Harley Quinn Pen

    I consider this my first turn to the new year it was 50 degrees the other day and I got excited to go turn and it came out amazing also. This was one of the blanks I got at the mpg last year and looking forward to the next one...
  5. P

    Watch Parts Pen

    This was the a pen blank I received from ernie aka EBorraga he was at the pot luck in December at mark james house and he gave me the blank to try cause it was not on par with him I have to say it still is amazingly made and I had fun turning it thanks ernie I used the elegant sierra kit...
  6. D

    Another new guy. Need your valuable opinions on pen colors!

    Joining this awesome place to seek some feedback from you fine fellas! I'm a product designer and still pretty old fashioned when it comes to using a pen for sketching and designs. Many in my field moved to digital tool while I go through lots of papers and ink each day. I just finished...
  7. P

    First Pen Stone blank

    I bought my first pen stone blank from penn state and plan on using the hourglass pen kit from pen state. I have a few questions about the pen stone. I also bought the right bits they recommended. 1. How hard is the stone to turn and what speed is recommended to turn it at. 2. When...
  8. S

    How to add my company logo on Pens

    Hi We turn acrylic pens mostly. I need to add my company logo on the pen I need your support to generate new ideas for placing elegant logo on pens Sreenath Vishnu Kerala-India
  9. jpford

    Feedback on custom fountain pen

    Hey,fellow turners & craftspersons, I'm looking for creative input. I've been asked to craft a fountain pen as a gift for a husband who is a "writing instrument enthusiast" and owns several high-end Mont Blanc & Omas pens... His passionate areas of interests are National Parks, Photography...
  10. P

    Particle Board Pen

    Well I had typed in the forum to see if anyone else has done a partical board pen and I did not see anything so I said why not since I did not find anyone on here that has made one. Looks amazing and very hard to turn. I also used embossing powder I found on clearance at my hobby lobby and I...
  11. Woodchipper

    Gift for beginninng pen turner

    I had previously told of my grandson making pens for his parents for their birthdays. My wife came up with an idea for his birthday. Give him a pen kit and blank for a birthday present. I thought this was a great idea. Her best idea was to marry me 45 years ago. Back to penturning- I...
  12. D

    HELP!!!--Question about my pen turning--PEN BLANK STOPS!!!

    I have put my pen saver mandrel on, put on the first bushing, next my blank, bushing, blank, then last bushing, and then tightened my tail stock slightly [as my instructions say]. I've tightened the tail stock more [several times] until I cracked my blank. I have my lathe at it's highest...
  13. P

    Need Advice

    This blank is one i bought about 3 months ago when i started getting into pen turning and the last blank i had got a blowout on the cap but was able to hide it thankfully this one blew up on me while i was turning I use Easy wood Tool Rougher for my pens I cant even think of what might of...
  14. P

    Circuit Board Blank Distinctive Cracks

    I hope this is in the right thread but as you can see this blank i bought from penn state industries and if my knowledge is correct if i would of turned this it would of exploded or got bad stuff happening to it i just wanted to show these to future buyers of this blank i dont think its supposed...
  15. P

    Very first Steam Punk Circuit Board Pen

    This pen was a first attempt at turning it and i could not have been more happier with the pen View in Gallery
  16. G

    Finishing Acrylics Complex Shapes

    I'm relatively new to turning acrylics/plastics. I've kept my acrylics shapes fairly simple due to the difficulty of getting them smooth and shiny. Working with the little square wet sanding pads can leave grooves, lines, and ruts in the shapes. Is there a way to get these smoother...
  17. K

    Turquoise and Ironwood Mesa Pen

    Am I allowed to show off my 13-year-old son's pen? He just made it last night and I think it is a beauty! Here is a link to see it on Instagram.
  18. R

    New Drumstick Pens

    Just finished the second of two drumstick fountain pens that a client requested. These are not turned, but the ends are barely rounded over; just enough to meet the hardware. I lengthened the cap on both in order to accommodate the logo and I lengthened the body on just one of them. The...
  19. R

    Realtree Camo Pens

    A few recent pens from my Realtree® Camo collection. I really like how the cigar pen turned out with camo on top and antler on the bottom.
  20. J

    hello from Washington State

    Hello and thank you for creating such a cool and friendly website. i have been pen turning for almost a year now so i am still a newbie but i like to think that im a good one. i do also enjoy making other things besides pens but my interests right now are definitely with pens. i have just...
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