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  1. C

    The (Majestic) made with corian.

    Hello All I actually made this pen some time ago and have had many chances to sell it.But it was my first one and just can't seem to let it go. The material is corian and is called pebble grey which has been discountinued.Let me know what you think. Thanks! JIM
  2. creativewriting

    1st Kitless ~ Aluminum & Polymer

    I finally got one finished. About a month ago I decided I wanted to take the plunge into kitless pens. The only problem was I didn't have a metal lathe to do what I wanted and secondly as a polymer guy I had very little experience turning anything, let alone metal. With the consent of LOML I...
  3. W

    Deer Antler-Bullet Pen

    I have been putting together a deer antler-bullet pen... This is not a kit... I resized the 30-06 WW II vintage cartridge, drilled it, and also created the deer antler blank etc. I have made several of these and I consider them a tough pen to make... The antler is hard to drill since it is...
  4. WildcatHollow

    Wanted to find/buy: acrylic desk set stand.

    Where can I find an acrylic stand to hold a desk set consisting of a pen, a magnifying glass, and a letter holder made from PSI designer series so I can photograph them as a set? Does any one in the forum make custom stands? Thank you.
  5. D

    Ultra Cigar

    Made this today with my new celtic knot jig. I have one that cuts 60 degrees but this one is way up there .Didn't measure but guess around 75 degree or so. It runs nearly the full lenght of the blank then I cut it in half. This was a olivewood piece I had and pick guard on a Ultra Cigar
  6. timberbits

    Birds eye Huon Pine JR Emperor

    On my last visit to Taiwan, I stopped by Dayacom's office to inspect the new Australiana series pens that was being made for me. During the visit, I was asked by Dayacom to make some pens for them with Australian timbers so that they could display it in their offices and maybe on their website...
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