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  1. summerspa

    Thanks for having me.

    Thanks for approving my application. Ben turning since Jr High Shop Class with Mr. Fox. Didn't turn a pen until a few year ago, but found it enjoyable and rewarding. I'm a retired US Naval Officer (LDO.) Been working a Woodcraft Norfolk/Virginia Beach for a few years now doing Saturday Demos and...
  2. S

    New to the forum, drilling using the lathe

    First, this is a great forum with amazing experts. I am not only new to the forum but also new to pen making. I have been making slim wood pens and the results have been ok so far. Now I started to do "fatter" pens and I am running into problems. I have been using my lathe to drill holes into...
  3. MRDucks2

    New bearing = no chatter

    Was having a chatter issue I could not over come and check my inboard spindle bearing more closely. Yep, is was a little sloppy. Not sure if it was original to my 1959 Powermatic 90 or not but found a new old-stock bearing on eBay for $48, had a local machine shop press the old one off and put...
  4. Fine Engineer

    A Technical Question Regarding Variable Speed Drives

    So I have a WEN 3421 lathe with the variable speed drive. Does anybody know if I could use a variable voltage power supply to get lower speeds? My thought is that for doing some fills with epoxy, you need to keep it rotating slowly so that the epoxy doesn't sag while it cures. The slowest speed...
  5. P

    Shop-Made Taper Modification for the Taig Lathe

    While an admirable micro lathe in many respects, the Taig has, what is widely considered to be, the worst designed taper attachment in the history of hobby machining. Instead of an integrated pivot arrangement on the headstock or the cross-slide, the Taig uses these little t-slot hooks that grip...
  6. MRDucks2

    $500 - Lathe, 2 Nova G3 Chucks, jaws, centers, face plate

    SOLD - The old Powermatic P90 is ready for use and my new shop simply does not have the room for 2 lathes or I would be keeping this one. The chucks will not work on the 1959 lathe I am keeping. The Central Machinery lathe is 3-1/2 years old and I included a link to it. One chuck is 3 years old...
  7. rizaydog

    Nova Comet II problem

    I purchased a new Nova Comet II last year for a second bench top lathe. On Sunday I was turning a mill. I stopped to check my work and when I pushed the button to turn it on, it didn't spin. I checked the power cord and outlet, everything was fine. I put my hand on the wheel and it started...
  8. T

    Grizzly G8690 Drive Belt

    I am having a problem on getting the a new belt aligned to stay on the spindle pulley. I know there is probably some type of shimming that needs to be done and thought that somebody could share some thoughts on doing this. I have spent several days trying to align this to no avail. Any thoughts...
  9. Woodchipper

    Drilling on lathe and blank size

    After watching the video on another thread, I had stated that I drilled some hardwood on the lathe. The label said 3/4X3/4X36. However, the blanks were a bit loose in the jaws. This is a Supernova 2 lathe with the long pen jaws. As a result, the holes were oversize. :mad: I marked them as 7...
  10. Woodchipper

    Preventative maintanance

    I posted this on another website but wanted to share this with you. "I'm sure this is nothing new to this group but wanted to share this for anyone taking time to clean up the shop. I have spent the last three days cleaning up the shop, organizing items in like function or use, and looking at...
  11. Woodchipper

    Pen press?

    I was looking at the Woodcraft and PSI catalogues. There is a $30 difference with WC being the most expensive. I did use the WC press when I took a class earlier this year. I wanted to get the input from the forum members. I do have some $$$ that I could spend but want to get the most bang...
  12. P

    Help Me Pick a Lathe, Please!

    Hello, all! My name is Parker, and I am new in the world of turning. I have been turning for a couple of months and have turned roughly 20-25 pens. I specifically like maple burl and deer antler. I also enjoy turning Olive Wood from Jerusalem because it gives me the opportunity to talk about...
  13. mmayo

    New lathe

    When I turned five bottle stoppers and 20+ pens my Rikon mini lathe started making unhappy noises so I bought a new bigger model. That 1 horse motor sounds unstoppable and very smooth. It was close between this lathe and an equivalent Jet lathe, but this one fit on the existing stand and...
  14. A

    Requesting lathe time, Waco TX

    Hey everyone! I'm a student at Baylor University. While I've been down here this semester, I've gotten a few requests. Unfortunately I wasn't able to transport my lathe this semester, and Baylor's wood lathe is reserved for sculpture majors. Is anyone in the Waco area willing to let me turn a...
  15. Falcon1220

    Nova dvr 3000

    Someone in my local area has a Nova dvr 3000 up for sale for $1500. Any comments that you can supply about this lathe would be great. Thanks
  16. QuietHill Crafts

    Proper Lathe Height

    New turner to the fourm, and new to turning in general... I've completed my workbench this week, I'll post pictures later once I've got the finishing touches applied. I set the lathe on the work surface and it's maybe a scad bit high. I was wondering if there is a good standard for lathe...
  17. E

    General Mini Lathe Drive Belt

    Hi everyone, I'm having issues with my General Mini lathe (model 25-010). The belt snapped last week and General is telling me that it'll be 3 months before they can get me one(!). does anyone have any experience with a suitable substitute? It's a tiny pen lathe and I've seen vacuum or...
  18. M

    CNC lathe, dowel machine or chopstick miller???

    :confused: I am beginning a pen turning project in Ghana. I did my prototype by hand, knife and sand paper! Apparently l used it as a teaser and it aroused some interest. Now i am considering to produce that pen on large scale (say 10,000) per month for some schools and government agencies...
  19. Lenny

    Delta parts problems?

    I purchased the Delta midi lathe 46-460 as did many others here. It is a great little lathe and i have had no issues with it. I have recommended it to many others as well as in my review on Amazon after purchasing it. However, since that time many who have needed parts have experienced...
  20. cschimmel

    Jet 1221vs review

    I bought a Jet 1221vs and when I was looking for info I found only the promo video from Jet. I have made a review video and provide some first impressions and notes on my first few turns with it. Hope it helps. Jet 1221 VS quick review JWL 1221VS - YouTube
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