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  1. Joe S.

    Big Lathes.

    Looking into getting a big lathe for bowls and stuffs. Any opinions on what to get? What I already have: Buy Jet Wood Lathe 12 x 20 Model JWL-1220 at Woodcraft I like it so far, but I'm looking for more swing, length, and power to do bowls and other "big turnings". This little lathe will...
  2. Ardy

    Need a new small lathe

    I need a new small lathe. I had a Mastercraft for about 10 months which I liked until it starting ... misbehaving (the mandrel would go in a circle causing vibration or chatter). Took it back for warranty and they said nothing was wrong.... Foolishly I bought another Mastercraft and it lasted 3...
  3. W

    Looking to boost the economy!

    So I am going to buy a new lathe in a week or so after I do my research. I am very tired moving belts on my Rikon. Although I have been granted the blessing of spending 2k on a lathe, Laguna Tools 18-47, I find it difficult to do so in this economy. What I have decided to get is the Delta...
  4. butchf18a

    Lathe Corner

    :usflag:One corner of the shop is where the lathe lives. Cabinet holds virtually everything. Blank storage (well part of them anyway), general drawer and turning tool storage. Cabinet for blanks, deer antler, misc. stuff. Feature I like for the tool storage is there is no bottom to the slide-out...
  5. M

    time to upgrade the lathe

    I started turning pens and wine toppers about 4-5 months ago on a Harbor freight mini-lathe 8" ($120). It really does a fine job and I am happy with the results, but I know there much better products out there. I would like to experiment with turning small bowls at some point and I know that...
  6. leestoresund

    CarbaTec motor

    The motor and controller for my VS CarbaTec went south last week. My motor was about 5 years old. I bought the PSI 1/2 hp VS motor knowing that it was not supported by PSI for the CarbaTec because they did not have a template or replacement connector plate. I've got it out with a machine shop...
  7. Nikitas

    .Live web video on turning a pen,

    Going to do a live web casting to turn a Power pen kit for a client today at 1:30 PM EST. Just click on the ustream link at the bottom of my signature line of this post. Hope to see you there! Brian :smile:
  8. A

    maybe a stupid question...

    what is the difference between a mini lathe and a midi lathe??
  9. D

    Turncrafter lathe issue

    I have an older Turncrafter lathe and yesterday when I was moving it I bumped it against my jointer. Now today when I went to use it, it didn't turn on right away when I flipped the switch. Then I clicked it on and off a few times and it worked. After about a dozen more on and offs it stopped...
  10. S

    Carba Tec Mark II

    I bought this lathe today, and its been sitting NIB in this guys garage. Its got variable knob speed control etc. He had the receipt from back in 1997, and the original magazine he ordered it from. Comes with an unopened VHS tape. He paid $270 back then plus $12 bucks for shipping, from Penn...
  11. DonFaulk0517

    What Lathe to Get?

    I am interested in getting into pen turning and would like to purchase a lathe, but I am uncertain what one to get. I'll need the rest of the equipment, but I want to make sure I get a lathe that will last. I would like to get a moderately priced lathe in the range of $300-$500... but there are...
  12. refueler1

    Anyone have the new Delta 46-460 lathe?

    Does anyone have this lathe and if so How long and how is it working out? I am in the market for a small lathe and am cosidering the Delta 46-460.
  13. S

    problem with Jet Mini

    I'm having a problem with my lathe not turning true. The mandrel at the tailstock end is way off--you can see that it's not turning true. I just replaced the spindle and both sets of bearings and tried 2 different mandrels--same result. It makes it difficult to get pens turned to the bushings...
  14. Bree

    SWWWEEEEEET!!! Delta 46-460

    The stork arrived with my new baby... the Delta 46-460 VS 1 HP Midi Lathe. WOW!! Is this one swweeeeet machine!! Solidly built. Beautifully machined ways. Excellent fit and finish. Spur center to live center point to point test... dead on. Motor... unbelievable... quiet as a church...
  15. oldngrey

    Great Deal On Jet, Rikon

    Having recently convinced myself I needed a smaller and variable speed lathe, (Not That Difficult) I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide which one to buy. Yesterday I received an eMail from Woodcraft advertising a two day sale, sometime this month (Check Dates With Them) 20% off...
  16. W

    Lathe Advice

    Hey folks, I need some advice… I am looking to upgrade to a bigger lathe and was wondering what you might know about the Jest 1442EV or the Jet 1642EV… Have you use either? I know the specifications on each but if you have one or the other what do you consider some of it’s strengths or...
  17. rjwolfe3

    Drill Chuck ?

    I bought a drill chuck from AS and am using it for the first time in my Turncrafter Pro lathe. I noticed it seems to be too long. I have seen people shorten them in other posts. What is the easiest way to do this and about how much do people take off? Thanks
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