Nova dvr 3000

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Sep 6, 2013
Dawsonville, GA
I traded a guy for one earlier this year. I've been so busy I haven't been able to use it much for other than pens. A few peppermills but nothing I couldn't have done on my Jet 1014.

He was asking $2,200, included two chucks, a wolverine jig, about 26 turning tools (many were Sorby) and several other odds and ends. We ended up trading so no cash involved but the retail value of the trade was around $2k. If paying cash I would've been around $1,500 but I'm cheap : )

It's a great lathe, love having the digital VS, very happy with it. It seems to me at least that $1,500 is too high unless there are some other items involved. I do think some of the DVR XP parts will work for the DVR 3000 but you may want to verify that with Nova. My concern was if a control board went out etc but after talking with Nova felt good about that issue being fixable.
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