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  1. Falcon1220

    Nova dvr 3000

    Someone in my local area has a Nova dvr 3000 up for sale for $1500. Any comments that you can supply about this lathe would be great. Thanks
  2. H

    Praise for Woodcraft/Jet customer service

    Being new to pen turning and the [seemingly endless number of :wink:) equipment and tools that we use, I first sought the help of IAP by reading posts and following threads across the Fall of last year. Thank you to all from whom I learned for your experiences and time taken to post them. My...
  3. cschimmel

    Jet 1221vs review

    I bought a Jet 1221vs and when I was looking for info I found only the promo video from Jet. I have made a review video and provide some first impressions and notes on my first few turns with it. Hope it helps. Jet 1221 VS quick review JWL 1221VS - YouTube
  4. Joe S.

    Big Lathes.

    Looking into getting a big lathe for bowls and stuffs. Any opinions on what to get? What I already have: Buy Jet Wood Lathe 12 x 20 Model JWL-1220 at Woodcraft I like it so far, but I'm looking for more swing, length, and power to do bowls and other "big turnings". This little lathe will...
  5. W

    Looking to boost the economy!

    So I am going to buy a new lathe in a week or so after I do my research. I am very tired moving belts on my Rikon. Although I have been granted the blessing of spending 2k on a lathe, Laguna Tools 18-47, I find it difficult to do so in this economy. What I have decided to get is the Delta...
  6. oldngrey

    Great Deal On Jet, Rikon

    Having recently convinced myself I needed a smaller and variable speed lathe, (Not That Difficult) I've spent the last couple of weeks trying to decide which one to buy. Yesterday I received an eMail from Woodcraft advertising a two day sale, sometime this month (Check Dates With Them) 20% off...
  7. W

    Lathe Advice

    Hey folks, I need some advice… I am looking to upgrade to a bigger lathe and was wondering what you might know about the Jest 1442EV or the Jet 1642EV… Have you use either? I know the specifications on each but if you have one or the other what do you consider some of it’s strengths or...
  8. T

    Jet 1236 Tailstock issue

    I'm wondering if anyone out there has had this problem. I finally broke down and bought a 60 degree revolving center for the tailstock. The problem is, when I tried to remove the live center from the tail spindle, only the top of it came out (the portion that normally would contact the...
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