kitless fountain pen

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  1. T

    Art Nouveau kitless fountain pen

    My latest attempt has an art nouveau theme, featuring a hand carved copper barrel and cap, with ebonite section. The pen took about two weeks to make and was finished about a week ago, then I spend two days on the box. The leather box has a carved and painted top to match the theme of the...
  2. T

    Huginn, a kitless Viking

    Huginn and Muninn (Memory and thought) were Odin's ravens which he send out to gather information. As a pen is used to capture thoughts and memories I thought it a suitable theme for a carved pen. Copper and ebonite, plexiglass piston filler, ebonite feed, steel nib. Four start thread on the...
  3. T

    Kitless Fountain pens from South Africa

    About seven years ago my best friend came to me and said he wants to make luxury pens. I told him I have no idea how to go about doing it. About three years ago I made a number of oblique pen holders, but sales petered out and I lost interest. In September I decided to have a go at making a...
  4. JLL

    New Dragon streamline models

    New Dragon streamline models - made in the land of Dragons
  5. JLL

    kitless fountain pen Deco flat model

    Pen size (approximate.) Maximum diameter 16mm Capped: 150 mm Uncapped: 130 mm Made in ebonite and italian acrylate
  6. S

    Getting into kitless fountain pens

    I would like to get into kitless Fountain pens, could anyone help me with what exactly I need for the whole process? What materials would you recommend? Tips on making the pen would be helpful too. Thank you in advance - Sebastian
  7. Bryguy

    Desperately seeking a source of Jowo or Bock FP sections (Quads)

    Does anyone in the States sell Jowo or Bock quad sections? I have made a couple of kitless FPs. But I don't really enjoy making the sections. I am an FP fanatic and only want to sell good nibs. The section thing is really holding me back (despite the great tutorials available on this site. If I...
  8. JPMcConnel

    Kitless Fountain Pen in Purple Web Celluloid

    Everyone has a favorite form factor in fountain pens, mine happen to be along the lines of some of the classic fountain pen shapes of Nakaya and Pilot Namiki. As homage to their art, I produced this pen in purple web celluloid. I tinkered with the notion of a clip on the pen, even installing the...
  9. J

    Fountain Pen Supplies

    Hi Im looking to make my first kitless fountain pen im from the uk and cant find where I get the fountain pen feed and nibs I hope someone can help me? Also if there is anything else you think I may need it would be much appreciated cheers
  10. T

    Making a Fountain pen Section - A Tutorial

    This is a tutorial showing how a fountain pen grip section can be made on any lathe, in this case a Jet mini lathe using ordinary wood turning tools. Making a roller ball section is very similar and once you finish this tutorial you should be able to figure out which steps to omit and which...
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