kitless fountain pen

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  1. CjG78

    Curly Katalox Kitless

    G'day! Matched some teal acrylic with this piece of Katalox, aka Mexican royal ebony. Black and white spacers, bees wax finish. The acrylic was hard to focus on! Jowo #6 nib. Fully sleeved
  2. CjG78

    Amboyna burl kitless (better pics)

    Got excited last night and posted indoor crappy pics of my pen. These are a bit better, now you can see the true colour of it. I absolutely loved making this. Stabilised amboyna burl, kirinite rioja pearl finials, section and sleeves, black acrylic spacers, natural finish, jowo #6 nib
  3. CjG78

    Amboyna kitless

    G'day I spent most of today making this pen for myself. It is stabilised amboyna with kirinite rioja finials, section and sleeves. Natural polish and a Jowo #6 medium nib. This was a fun project, inspired by some of the kitless makers around the world. Pics are a bit cruddy, was getting dark...
  4. CjG78

    Another cocobolo kitless

    G'day! A customer requested a pen made similar to my last cocobolo kitless, although he suffers from arthritis and needed a specific width and length. I fully sleeved the timber this time, to improve the structural integrity of the cross cut timber, but also to ensure that the nib doesn't dry...
  5. CjG78

    'Emerald rapids' kitless

    G'day! Made this pen today from a few blanks made by David Turner in Australia. You can find him on Facebook as DT blanks. He gets great colour separation and swirls. Nothing outlandish about my pen, very straight forward design, Jowo #6 b nib, without engraving which I love. Thanks for looking
  6. CjG78

    Cross cut Cocobolo Kitless

    G'day! Well, after taking inspiration from a few outstanding turners around the globe, I have made a timber kitless which I am absolutely proud of. The only thing I need to improve on is making the threads triple start, which I am soon sorting. Resin sleeves and section, jowo 1.1 stub nib, bees...
  7. CjG78

    Brooks PM1 kitless

    G'day, me again! No I don't have a life, all I live for is pens!! Lol This was the nicest resin I have turned. Was an absolute pleasure to make this pen. This will be my new scribbler Jowo #6 ef
  8. CjG78

    Metallic resin Kitless

    G'day! Another kitless in the book, number 11! I think I will be making more somehow lol. This is a lovely resin cast by a friend over here in Australia. Jowo #6 nib, clip is from a berea 'atrax' kit.
  9. CjG78

    Curly cottonwood Kitless

    G'day! A good chunk of today was spent on this pen. Stabilised and dyed curly cottonwood done by a friend over here in the Aussie land. I worked out how to sleeve the timber, I used ebonite as it cuts beautiful threads. Ebonite section and Jowo #6 f nib. 20 coats of medium CA to get a nice depth...
  10. CjG78

    Kitless #9

    G'day! Me again, the wierd Aussie! This is my 9th bespoke pen, absolutely hooked on making these. The process is so much fun. Blanks made by fellow Australian Ian de Courcey. He really gave the blanks movement, the swirls are in spades! Fitted with a jowo #6 nib. Thanks and feedback and tips...
  11. CjG78

    Minerva pebble beach segmented kitless

    G'day! Well, what started off as a random idea, finally worked out today after many frustrating attempts. The nib section gave me grief! This is the 4th one made for this pen, and it's not exactly how I wanted it to look but nonetheless I'm fairly happy. The thin spacers between the pebble and...
  12. CjG78

    Ebonite kitless pen #6

    G'day! Me again with another pen with no pre fabricated parts other than the nib, feed and housing. This process is so much fun and also so frustrating. The grip section is the hardest part to make. I ruined 2 making this pen. There is zero room for error, which I kinda like. Anyway, enough...
  13. CjG78

    Ebonite kitless

    G'day! Kitless pen #2. Basic design. Funky ebonite from Beaufort ink, black ebonite section. Jowo #6 nib. Really enjoying the kitless process. It's a nice and refreshing change. This product feels amazing, was lovely to turn and cut threads ultra nicely. Thanks for looking!
  14. Matt8643

    First "hybrid" custom pen

    I have been pen turning for over ten years now but only making kitless pens for over a year, and always from resin rods. I work on a wood lathe and not a metal lathe so I I was concerned if I could make a sleeve for a cap with a proper fit or if I would have some other unforeseen issues (I did...
  15. E

    My First Custom/Kitless Pen

    This was my second attempt and it finally worked out. The blank was Nebula from LumberJim on etsy. The section piece was by far the hardest part. Very fine tolerances for the skinner Jowo no. 5 nib.
  16. RobS

    Mardi Gras Kitless

    Hope you enjoy this take on a kitless fountain pen. #6 jowo, EF M14X.8X3 CAP THREAD M11 finial thread M10 section Mardi Gras Alumilite Blank from Exotic Blanks
  17. spindlecraft

    How to get space behind threads on kitless pens

    Friends, I find myself struggling to add space behind the body’s threads where it will work with a cap. (see attached images) Naturally, it’s not difficult for me to simply turn down extra material behind the threads, but when I go to put the cap on, the cap wants to stop twisting as it...
  18. spindlecraft

    Finished this guy up yesterday

    Kindly ignore the dirty threads. I still need to wipe it down. But this was a pen that I started and finished yesterday afternoon. This one marks my second completed kitless pen, and while still not perfect, proved to be yet another learning experience. I accidentally snapped the threads of...
  19. spindlecraft

    Welp - here she is. My FIRST completed kitless pen.

    After approximately 15 failed attempts, and a lot of help from you fine folks, I finally was able to finish my first kitless pen this afternoon. Feedback and critiques are of course welcome. I am gonna churn a few more out I think before I start venturing into clips and accent rings...
  20. Turning Point Pen Co.

    Introduction Post: Michael/Turning Point Pen Co.

    Hi! I'm Michael, I was introduced to turning (and pen making) when I was in Middle School back in 2005. I found a passion in making these rectangular materials into shiny cylindrical objects, and kept turning as a hobby through high school and college. The turning point for me was after...
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