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  1. Woodchipper

    The Mrs. had a suggestion

    She mentioned yesterday to save the cutoffs from blanks or pieces of wood for other WWing projects. I told her that I was ahead of the game. I have a plastic tub full of wood and acrylic pieces, ready to glue up, drill and turn. I was searching for Corian to see what is said about gluing...
  2. Woodchipper

    General comment

    I just finished looking at the new posts and was trying to figure out what to do before starting on a pen blank I glued up this morning. I went to the Library "What's New" and clicked on it. I found a trainload of great material. I was particularly interested in the gluing of Corian and the...
  3. MikeD

    Engraved White Corian Cigar Pen

    I do a lot of engraving, so I try to keep the pens simple and the engraving detailed. This Cigar Pen is white Corian. the engraving has been filled with black paint.
  4. Q

    New to turning and penmaking

    Hello, I am the new girl on the block. I have just started using my husband's Jet Mini lathe (with a bed extension) and I am having a blast. I have found turning to be so relaxing. The time passes so quickly when I am turning. I have decided to try some pen turning. Hubby did some many...
  5. J

    New line of ring holders

    This is the first in a new line of jewelry holders. This is made from Iroko and corian. The hat is made from laminated sheets of corian bonded to the lid at the end. The item stands about 6 inches tall and about 3 inches wide. Afternoon this has been made as a gift, I'm intending to produce them...
  6. Timbo

    Three flag Theme Jt Gent1's

    I made these about three weeks ago. Thought I'd post them to get some feedback. All made using Corian (the blue might be Avonite). My photo composition needs some help. I wanted to use a larger flag as a full backdrop, but this is the only one I could find in the house that wasn't dirty...
  7. C

    Cigar Pen done In Corians (Juniper)

    Hello all!! This is a cigar pen done in one of corians new colors called (juniper) I am going to try to upload a couple pics one of which will have a couple pieces of the color sitting behind the pen. Thanks for looking. JIM
  8. C

    Had to try my hand at the seam rippers

    Hello All. I had to try my hand at the seam rippers. As you can see I did some out of corian and most of the ladies really like them.I did have a few ladies that wanted something a little bigger because they have hand problems.So with them in mind I made some out of wood and they really liked them.
  9. C

    Different color combinations for checkerboard pens

    These are a few of the very first checkerboard pens I made several years ago when I first came up with this design.There have been many many other color combinations since then. Thanks for looking!! JIM
  10. C

    The (Majestic) made with corian.

    Hello All I actually made this pen some time ago and have had many chances to sell it.But it was my first one and just can't seem to let it go. The material is corian and is called pebble grey which has been discountinued.Let me know what you think. Thanks! JIM
  11. BobBurt

    Fountain Pens

    Here are three El Grande Fountain Pens that I recently finished up. The are made with Corian. I also Jazzed up the caps to give them a little more character. Corian is easy to finished, sanded to 400 and Beall Buffed Thanks for looking
  12. keithlong

    Question about Corian

    I was gifted a piece of Corian, it is 24 inches wide and 36 inches long. I was glad to get such a gift, however I have never turned any corian and am wondering what it is like to turn it. I plan to try a piece of it tomorrow. Thanks for any advice. Keith
  13. C

    Corian rolling pins

    My wife is a huge cooking show fan.She came into the shop and said Emeril said that a corian rolling pin was the best because of the weight and the non stick surface.So here is the result of the Honey I want list... She really loves hers.Tell me what you think..
  14. C

    Corian rolling pins

    My wife is a huge fan of the cooking shows and she came into the shop one day and said she was watching the Emeril show and that he swears by a corian rolling pin because of the weight and the non stick surface.So here is the results of that honey I want list... Tell me what you think!!! She...
  15. C

    First trys at pendant making

    Hello all!! These are my first trys at pendant making.I saw the backer plate that richard sells on here and I purchased one.I will tell you it is well worth the money.I was hoping to get some of your opinions as to if I am on the right track or not. Thanks!
  16. ngeb528

    Corian Bowl

    Made this bowl from 4x4 pieces of Corian I received as a bonus in the PR trade. I was amazed at how often I had to sharpen the chisels. This stuff was amazingly hard. What do you think?
  17. hewunch

    Jumping on the Necklace bandwagon

    Inspired by Grant. Here is my first attempt at a necklace pendant. It is corian. I would love comments. Which option do you like better? Hans
  18. ldb2000

    Corian Polaris

    This is my latest attempt at duplicating most of the ballpoint kit pens we make . It is a Kitless Polaris . It is made from 2 7mm tubes and a slimline transmission , and a clip I bought from Elliot (xylostyle) , all of which I buy in bulk , and some Black and White Corian . I love these Finial...
  19. ldb2000

    Corian Euro/Designer

    This is a Kitless Euro/Designer pen . It uses 2 7mm tubes and a slimline transmission that I buy in bulk (no kits were harmed during the making of this pen) and some Granite and Black Corian and a Mont Blanc style clip from Elliot at that I plated with Black chrome . This one...
  20. gcurran

    First Corian pens

    Tried my hand a turning a couple of corian Sierras yesterday. I got a slab of corian from my daughter that was left over from her kitchen counters. It was just under 1/2inch thick, glued two pieces together with medium CA and let sit overnite. Finished just like acrylic - shape with...
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