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  1. Racer3770

    Close Ended Pens

    Lately I've been trying new things when it comes to making pens. Thanks to this forum, a few of them have been successful! Here are a couple of close ended pens that I turned recently. The green Baron kit took second place in the Summer Extravaganza Advanced Kit Contest. I poured all of the...
  2. budnder

    California Redwood Sedona

    "Hey dad, I bought this stick back as a souvenir from my trip to Northern California... can you make a pen out of it?" Clean and simple, nothing to flashy... but means more to him because of the memory associated with it, and is special to me because he asked for it (most of the time wifey...
  3. M

    Runout with closed end mandrel in Jacobs chuck

    I am making closed end pens and I bought a Jacobs chuck along with the closed end mandrels that Ariz. Sill. sells. Sometimes when I chuck up the mandrel, I have a lot of runout. Sometimes not. Am I putting it in the chuck incorrectly or do I need a more precision Jacobs chuck? It is a chuck with...
  4. DrPepper8412

    'Boyna Burl

    Hey all! Took a weekend at home from college, so naturally the first thing I did was ate a big bucket of green chile (the local food of choice in New Mexico):biggrin:, and hopped on the lathe! I was hoping to make a whole bunch of pens, to replenish my stock, but I figured one real nice one...
  5. chriselle

    Umm...Penny for your Thoughts??

    I had a copper retro kit hanging around and I don't like the Retro that much so I thought I'd goof around with a clipless CE using a freebee from Dawn and Ed. Thanks for looking.
  6. chriselle

    Kara-nuri Closed End..

    A lady client ordered this one. Black and red urushi with a layer of gold dust in between. The third pic is a close-up of the mottled pattern....sure is fun to do. Thanks for looking.
  7. rsmith

    Double closed Wild Horse Jasper

    Wild Horse Jasper Tru-Stone, with a fountain nib (I think it was the nib assembly for a SS navigator) Since I haven't bothered to invest in a collet chuck or make any pin chucks or "CE" mandrels (read: lazy:rolleyes:) I have had to just do all my closed ends on a standard pen mandrel and 60...
  8. rsmith

    Gotta love the snow days...

    Well, we currently have about 30 inches here and we are expecting about 8 more by this evening. Nothing better to to than spend some time in the shop, huh? Red Tru-Stone with closed end and SS fittings. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the CB is just a stering ring, to give more...
  9. J

    Closed-end Cigar

    I call it the Long Fellow. Koa w 6 coats of CA only. I’m looking forward to making a longer one next time!!
  10. TurnaPen

    Worthless Wood Green

    Hope you like these two Churchills, the finish is CA. They have custom made grips, custom made centre bands(portion of the centre band), and "invisible clip". The blanks are from Jeff Powell aka Workinforwood, of the IAP site. Cannot rush this type of pen crafting, (I learnt the hard way)...
  11. TurnaPen

    Worthless Wood Fountain Pen

    Hope you like this one, I custom made the grip on it, and it is a closed end Churchill Fountain Pen. Very fastidious this time round with encountering a multitude of problems, -some self made, others because it is wood and resin there is a difference in the cutting and the strength of the blank...
  12. Stick Rounder

    Defense Pen!

    Hello, One of my co-workers was online and found "defense pens" pens used to ward off would be attackers. He asked if I could make one for him... This is a Closed End Barron in Stainless Steel. Let me know what you think.
  13. Stick Rounder

    First Attempt at Closed End Pen

    Hello, this is my first attempt at a closed-end pen. The more I browse the pages here, the more I become inspired. I purchased the drill chuck and closed end mandrel two months ago but have not had the courage to attempt a pen. Then two days ago my aluminum arrived from
  14. M

    Closed end Thuya Burl El Grande

    This is a slightly modified El Grande and Cambridge in Thuya burl. The wood is finished using HUT PPP brown and then white wax and topped with a little carnuba wax -- probably overkill on the wax. I would normally do a CA finish but this wood is so waxy that it doesn't take it very well...
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