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  1. P

    Old Style Nova G3 Chuck / Penturning Bundle $179 - Rockler Flash Sale Ends Today (28 April 2022)

    I got another email this morning from Rockler with a "Flash Sale" ad. The sale ends today (Thursday, 28 April 2022). Regular Price: $199, Sale $179. I have been reluctant to post this, because the deal appears to be a hidden sell-off / closeout of the Nova penturning chuck bundle with the old...
  2. B

    New to Chucks

    I have a Nova II Comet lathe. I have been turning pens for a while but have gotten a few unique requests to create a unique pen. One that is drilled on one end only. Think of it as a pool cue or drum stick. I have built a couple of these the best way I know how to, and they have come out good...
  3. MRDucks2

    $500 - Lathe, 2 Nova G3 Chucks, jaws, centers, face plate

    SOLD - The old Powermatic P90 is ready for use and my new shop simply does not have the room for 2 lathes or I would be keeping this one. The chucks will not work on the 1959 lathe I am keeping. The Central Machinery lathe is 3-1/2 years old and I included a link to it. One chuck is 3 years old...
  4. S

    Advice needed on which chuck to buy

    Hi, I have decided to do my blank drilling on the lather rather than my drill press - think I would have better control with the VS. I was think about getting the Large Dedicated Pen Blank Drilling Chuck from PSI, but then I thought about the Utility Grip 4 Jaw Chrome Lathe Chuck System...
  5. M

    Runout with closed end mandrel in Jacobs chuck

    I am making closed end pens and I bought a Jacobs chuck along with the closed end mandrels that Ariz. Sill. sells. Sometimes when I chuck up the mandrel, I have a lot of runout. Sometimes not. Am I putting it in the chuck incorrectly or do I need a more precision Jacobs chuck? It is a chuck with...
  6. B Wo

    Head Spinng - Best Chuck for JML-1014VSI?

    Hello All, Until now, I've been turning pens on a little Sherline 4530 lathe. I like my tiny Sherline, but it is in no way optimized for turning wood. The wear and tear is becoming pretty evident, and I don't want it to meet an untimely end at my novice wood-working hands. So, I bought a...
  7. Joe S.

    Chuck or jaws?

    I'm looking into making some small and large-small bowls. To do that I need some way to keep a bowl blank on my midi lathe. I already have an old psi chuck (a gift from a friend) with alligator jaws and small step jaws. I would rather use dovetail jaws and jumbo jaws, so here is my list of...
  8. Padre

    Eccentric Chuck

    I am very interested in starting some 'eccentric turning' and was wondering if anyone here has an opinion on the best chuck to use? I am currently looking at these four: "Shapeshifter" Chuck now at PSI Sorby Eccentric Chuck Escoulen Eccentric Chuck Axminster Eccentric Chuck Anyone out...
  9. Lenny

    Nova midi chuck on sale

    For those who might be interested, Woodcraft has this chuck on sale for $69.99, with 25 and 55 mm jaws. Don't know much about it ... I have a Oneway Talon myself. :smile:
  10. G

    Pendants with a 4 jaw chuck

    Here's how we make Pendants----I try to keep things very simple so we can make a bunch of product Using a 4 jaw chuck---here are a couple of easy to follow pics. There are many different ways to make these---this is just how we get-r-done---plus if you have a 4 jaw chuck you ain't got to buy...
  11. A

    What type of chuck should I buy?

    Hi all, I'm a relatively new penturner, I have been turning for the last two years, although only during the summer months when it's warm enough in the garage! I'm wanting to broaden my turning skills and last summer purchased some kits for chain pulls and the like, which need a chuck to...
  12. railrider1920

    PSI economy chucks--Good, bad, decent?

    Hi folks, I'm thinking about getting one of these chucks: Utility Grip 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck System: includes 2 jaws Mini Grip 4 Jaw Lathe Chuck System: includes 3 sets of jaws I just edited this. I had...
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