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  1. MRDucks2

    Food Grade SS resin stirring loops

    From time to time you just have to share some of life’s simple secrets. This is a kit to sew your turkey shut for cooking. They always go on clearance after Thanksgiving, Christmas and/or Easter. Typically for 5 to 10 cents a pack at places Walmart or a dollar store, as expensive as a quarter...
  2. MRDucks2

    Bottle Stop Blank Poll

    Presuming the ideal diameter of a bottle stopper blank is +/-1.5 inches (38mm), what do you consider the best length?
  3. Woodchipper

    Painting tube or blank question

    I just finished reading a thread and posts, one part concerning painting blanks and tubes. I got the idea of this- Has anyone done a contrast or complementary painting of the tube or blank to get away from thaw would be the plain vanilla approach. Example- instead of blue foe a transparent...
  4. MRDucks2

    PRETTY RESIN PEN Contest Rules

    Final contest Rules will be posted immediately prior to the start of the BASH with the established email for submission and the prizes. Any final changes will be noted at that time. Pretty Resin Pen Contest Rules The Pretty Resin Pen Contest is new for 2019 and is not intended to compete...
  5. Woodchipper

    Pen turnng mandrel?

    I have one of the reeeaaaal long ones that I got from Woodcraft several years ago to turn cork fishing rod grips. Didn't know the difference in mandrels. Now I'm turning pens. FWIW, SWMBO keeps asking when I'm going to get a cheap hobby. Is there such a critter? Back on topic. I notice that...
  6. Woodchipper

    Drilling on lathe and blank size

    After watching the video on another thread, I had stated that I drilled some hardwood on the lathe. The label said 3/4X3/4X36. However, the blanks were a bit loose in the jaws. This is a Supernova 2 lathe with the long pen jaws. As a result, the holes were oversize. :mad: I marked them as 7...
  7. D

    HELP!!!--Question about my pen turning--PEN BLANK STOPS!!!

    I have put my pen saver mandrel on, put on the first bushing, next my blank, bushing, blank, then last bushing, and then tightened my tail stock slightly [as my instructions say]. I've tightened the tail stock more [several times] until I cracked my blank. I have my lathe at it's highest...
  8. P

    Need Advice

    This blank is one i bought about 3 months ago when i started getting into pen turning and the last blank i had got a blowout on the cap but was able to hide it thankfully this one blew up on me while i was turning I use Easy wood Tool Rougher for my pens I cant even think of what might of...
  9. P

    Circuit Board Blank Distinctive Cracks

    I hope this is in the right thread but as you can see this blank i bought from penn state industries and if my knowledge is correct if i would of turned this it would of exploded or got bad stuff happening to it i just wanted to show these to future buyers of this blank i dont think its supposed...
  10. J

    Stamp blank.. I need one made

    I have a Celtic pen tube and some stamps that I need affixed to the tube and cast in clear. Who has the the ability and experience to do this correctly? This will be a personal pen. What would be the cost? Thanks guys.
  11. I

    Watch part blanks. What am I doing wrong?

    I've bought all my materials for making watch part pen blanks. Including some retro dials to start with. If I ruin those blanks, it's no big deal. Part of the learning process. However, look at the pics. I'm putting them together using a thick CA. Specifically, gorilla glue thick. If you...
  12. K

    BMW Blue Blank Needed

    One of my favorite customers bought a new Beemer and wants a special pen made ... Majestic Jr. with white upper and BMW blue lower. So I'm on the hunt for a blue plastic (acrylic, alumilite, whatever) blank that matches the blue in the BMW logo. Should be easy .... right? :wink: Help us...
  13. H

    Blank experiment

    I think I have done some pretty thorough reading about dyeing wood and i have come to the conclusion, without even trying, that I am not going to be able to totally saturate a piece of wood, regardless of type, with ANY kind of dye. I am thinking of trying to get some type of spectraply...
  14. T

    Help on finishing please

    I have the attached bottle stopper, got it in a bag of 10 assorted blanks. I'm not sure what it is, maybe stabilized wood? anyway there are some holes in it. I've used CA to finish pens as well as the Brown and White Hutt wax sticks (sorry can't remember their name). I'm worried about...
  15. butchf18a

    Twisted Angled Segmentation

    Can you figure out how I did this one? Here is the blank ready to trim and turn for a Baron. Haven't turned it yet, but expect it to be interesting. Just a little tease to whet your imaginations. Will post pic of pen when done.
  16. A

    The best blank squaring jig yet

    I wanted to make a blank squaring jig to use on my 12" disc sander but was not happy with any of the existing jigs out there. The main reasons included: -only one size of rod holding the blank -not adjustable for square, necessitating a high degree of accuracy in manufacture With those...
  17. AZSalsman


    Does anyone know of where I might find some Dogwood - enough for a pen or three? It seems hard to locate. Ideally it would be close to Phoenix, AZ.
  18. snowb46

    Pen Blank Sizing Jig

    Here is the PSI Pen Blank and Sizing Jig that runs $30. I was interested in this, but I am cheap. So in about 15-20 minutes, and some scrap pieces of wood laying around the shop, I created my own version. Works pretty good if I do say so myself. Here is my own simple version. Just used some...
  19. WildcatHollow

    Blank Splitting...what am I doing wrong?

    I'm very new to pen turning. I've started three Designer pens. I get to the step where I'm required to square the faces of the blanks and brass tubes using a new 7mm barrel trimmer with a carbide blade. I use a drill press at 520 rpm. The trimmer makes very little headway, and eventually with...
  20. WildcatHollow

    Drill, baby. Drill! 5 inches?

    What's the best way to cleanly and accurately drill a blank for a 5 inch brass tube when my drill press only has 3 inches worth of downward reach? I thought about flipping the blank, but realized that any minor change in any one of the adjustment variables would mean the two holes would be...
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