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  1. S

    Toaster Oven Directions or FAQ's????

    Is there anywere that has some basic info on how to perform the basic curing of PR after casting with a toaster oven? I have been experimenting with casting over the last couple of months and I get the sticky surface all the time and usually wait almost 4-5 days before turning just to make sure...
  2. hilltopper46

    Possible Inlace Acrylester Group Buy

    Buy is closed - order went in this morning Updated February 12, 2009 - This buy is closed - the order went int his morning. ----------------- This is a group buy on Woodturningz' Inlace Acrylester blanks. You can see the blanks that are available at...
  3. ElMostro

    Alternative Ivory with Bloodwood Cross

    "Eugene's Ivory" with Bloodwood Cross. I have been working on this design for a while. I finally got it down to where I am happy with the final product. The blank is made from alumilite and the cross is bloodwood. The cross goes all the way through so it is visible from two sides. It is on...
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