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  1. G

    NEED HELP! - trying to pick a high end rollerball kit

    Let me say thanks in advance to all those who respond. This forum is amazingly helpful. I always get great advice here. So here it goes. I have had a request for high end rollerball pens for an executive board of directors for a school. I'm getting lost in all the options. I have made a...
  2. G

    Rollerball Click pen

    :bananen_smilies068:Does anyone know of a click pen kit that will accept a rollerball refill. I have a customer that is looking for one. If not, is there a rollerball refill that will fit in a standard click pen kit?
  3. Racer3770

    Jr. Abraham

    Here is a Jr. Abraham dressed with a blank I bought during last year's MPG in Wadsworth, Ohio. I love this kit and blank. The kit is heavy and feels very stout in your hand. Let me know what you think!
  4. rpearson

    Organic Victorian 24kt rollerball

    Okay, a play on words, but it is all natural occurring woods and colors :biggrin: Pennstate Ind. 24kt gold victorian rollerball. Woods include Satinwood, Bloodwood, Ipe, Ebony, and a touch of (non-organic) dymondwood. Finished in cyanoacrylate (okay, so that's non-organic too:-)). If you've not...
  5. Heartwoodturning

    Sneezewood Vertex Rollerball with Gun Metal Plating By Heartwoodturning

    I make pens everyday. I enjoy it so much it is my full time job now as well as my hobby. Every so often I make one which I fall in love with. I gave this one to Graham who owns one of the shops who stocks my work. This is my third completed Vertex rollerball pen. I made the other two out...
  6. W

    CLICK pen using Rollerball refill

    I am looking for a CLICK pen KIT, using a Rollerball refill. If a kit does not exists, then does any one have plans or specifications for a Click pen and its components that I could see if i can modify. Commercially Pilot G2 provides this, but I have not found any in the handmade pen...
  7. K

    End of the Semester

    Finally got some time, now that the semester is done, to turn a couple of new pens. The first is a commissioned piece that I hand't tried before - an antique pewter Celtic Fountain pen. The second is a chrome Navigator roller ball pen out of a mystery wood from my random stack =)
  8. T

    Thank you George!

    Here are a couple pens that I have finally managed to make from some of my winnings in one of the earlier Mr. Anonymous games. The first is an Americana rollerball wrapped in Majestic Olive, while the second is by far my favorite wood that I have turned so far, which is Colonial Gum Burl...
  9. R

    Garnet & Gold? No - Cedar & Osage Orange

    I'm a Florida State fan and one of our local high schools also has the same colors. The pen is a Classic Rollerball dressed in Red Cedar and Osage Orange/Hedge Apple/Bodock (whatever you want to call it.) Both are from Middle Tennessee. At any rate, it's not quite Garnet & Gold, but I think...
  10. C

    Parting Gift

    A coworker left last week to move on to better things. I made this pen for him from a piece of wood cut at the park. The kit is an Annaheim Roller Ball. The bag was made by my wife from her scrap bin. "> "> Thanks for looking. CtL
  11. S

    Pen kit sourcing

    My dad has some walnut that he salvaged from the remodel of his office because do sentimental value. He has asked metro make him a pen/pencil set for I'm out of the salvaged wood. Here is the hard part. He wants a pencil, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen that match. I can only find 3...
  12. F

    Curly Maple Firewood Rescue

    My firewood rescue pile is bigger than my burnable firewood pile. It is driving my wife nuts. So should I continue this practice I ask myself? I am thinking ...... why not. This one was from a huge chunk of Curly Maple. It has that classic chatoyance that I love.
  13. BarbS

    Vertex Gun Metal Rollerball in Red Heart

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how long Red Heart can be expected to maintain its color before turning brown on the customer? Thanks for any input. All comments/critiques are welcome.
  14. Lenny

    Royal Aussie

    Concinna burl and rollerball components from down under. I'm naming this one a "Royal Aussie". Not a great pic ... didn't have time to setup a light box. Comments good and bad welcome. Thanks for having a look.
  15. Lenny

    Amboyna Burl Triton

    I made this today .... Amboyna Burl on Triton Components. A rollerball but it will easily convert to a fountain. To bad they don't sell components that include each option. :eek::smile: That'll NEVER happen! :biggrin::wink: Comments and critiques welcome. Thanks for looking! :smile:
  16. Lenny

    Another El Grande rollerball pen from PR casting

    Here's another El Grande rollerball made from one of my cast blanks from last weekend. This was the one that the first color setup before I could add the bronze.:rolleyes: You can see in a few places where I tried to stab the stick into the green to allow the bronze to penetrate a little.:wink...
  17. juteck

    Berea Hardwoods - El Grande specials

    I'm on Berea's email list, and got this yesterday -- thought I'd pass it on for those interested. Several of the El Grande Elite and Streamline kits on sale -- rollerball and fountain, variety of finishes. Currently $5 to $6 prices. Here's the link...
  18. T

    Ballpoint vs Rollerball vs Fountain

    Which has been your best selling pens: Ballpoint, Rollerball, or Fountain?
  19. Lenny

    Jr. Gent I rollerball

    This is the original Jr. Gent with what has to be my favorite wood, amboyna burl. Comments Good and Bad are welcome. Thanks for looking. :smile:
  20. Lenny

    Yellow Box Burl Jr. Gent rollerball

    Here's a Jr. Gent in #2 Yellow Box Burl that was kind of a throw in to "fill the box" on an order I got from member isaacrapelje. Finished with several coats of CA with some sanding between coats to fill some voids, and then buffed. Comments and critiques are welcome. Thanks for looking...
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