kitless pen

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  1. spindlecraft

    How to get space behind threads on kitless pens

    Friends, I find myself struggling to add space behind the body’s threads where it will work with a cap. (see attached images) Naturally, it’s not difficult for me to simply turn down extra material behind the threads, but when I go to put the cap on, the cap wants to stop twisting as it...
  2. spindlecraft

    Finished this guy up yesterday

    Kindly ignore the dirty threads. I still need to wipe it down. But this was a pen that I started and finished yesterday afternoon. This one marks my second completed kitless pen, and while still not perfect, proved to be yet another learning experience. I accidentally snapped the threads of...
  3. spindlecraft

    Welp - here she is. My FIRST completed kitless pen.

    After approximately 15 failed attempts, and a lot of help from you fine folks, I finally was able to finish my first kitless pen this afternoon. Feedback and critiques are of course welcome. I am gonna churn a few more out I think before I start venturing into clips and accent rings...
  4. takayuki_sz

    Pilot Nib Kitless Pen

    PILOT nib Kitless Pen. The body and cap, the other parts are ebonite, and the section is wood.
  5. Bryguy

    Etched aluminum kitless

    I am off on a new tack. First try at etching. Celtic dragon on the cap and Celtic knot on the body.
  6. JLL

    Tron meets Boadicea pen and rest

    Fountain pen with integrated rest influenced by streamline design - science fiction - mad max - roman chariots. Bock nib
  7. JLL

    New Streamline model with sculpted cap

    New streamline model with sculpted roll stopper on the cap fitted with a Bock size 6 medium nib in a black lacquer finish. Made in ebonite.
  8. JLL

    New pens

    New streamline models with sculpted roll stoppers on the cap and a futuristic pen and rest -I was thinking Tron meets Boadicea ! "]http://[URL=""]
  9. JLL

    Kitless pen and rest

    New pen and rest - I was thinking Tron meets Boadicea with this one Pm me for more information - studio pics soon
  10. J

    My new metal lathe and project

    Hi all, I've never really spoke up before... in fact this is my first post. I've been reading all the great tips and I kinda feel guilty for never speaking up about anything. So here is a picture of my new lathe. Its a grizzly 12x36. The non gunsmith version. I was looking at the pm 11x27 with...
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