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  1. Z

    Removing excess CA from bushings

    When removing finished blanks from the bushings, I often get raised CA on the edge of the wood. I find sanding can either scratch the part of the finish I want to keep and attempting to shave off with an xacto knife can pull the CA away from the wood. What's the best way to solve/avoid this...
  2. mpex

    CA taking 15mins to dry. Help!

    I'm having trouble with my CA finishing process. It is taking 15 minutes for each coat to dry. I am trying to do it without accelerator because I've been having trouble with cracking. I'm a complete beginner so I'll bet I'm missing something. At about 15 minutes, it is no longer wet but still a...
  3. M

    Ancient Bog Oak

    Ok, I need emergency advice! I have an order for a fountain pen using Ancient Bog Oak. I tried finishing it with CA (this is the standard finish I use on all wood pens) and I had a terrible time with it. The CA is not adhering well on the ends and it is lifting off the wood. I am using CA...
  4. K


    OK, so I am still fairly new to the CA finish to pens, and I am looking for pointers. I have tried it on about 5 or so pens so far, and only one of them makes me slightly satisfied. I am currently using a medium thick CA with a BLO/CA application placing around 5-8 layers. The problem that I am...
  5. Dulos

    Foggy CA/BLO Finish

    I am continually running into this problem with my CA/BLO finish. I get little patches of foggy spots in my finish. I have tried every variable I can to eliminate the problem but it still persists. There are times when I think I got it right but a few minutes later the foggy patches emerge...
  6. Oldmanwheeler

    The Best Pen Finish I've used yet

    I've tried every type of pen finish out there and still never found one that I was completely sold on, at least not until now. I was reading some old forum's on finishing when I stumbled across a link to Doctor's Woodshop. I went to the website and as I read Mike's story I discovered he had a...
  7. patmurris

    UV protection?

    Hi all, My first post on the IAP forum... :embarrassed::peace: I'm rather new to woodworking and turning - less then a year actually, and i've got a lot plenty to learn in all areas including finishes. Among the timbers i have been using so far, a few have dramatically changed color after i...
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