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  1. Hartwell85

    Totalboat Epoxy for Making Pen Blanks

    Has anyone experimented with Totalboat Epoxy for making pen blanks? I cast a few bars from this material and made some sample pen blanks to experiment with. I found that it did not turn as well as Alumilite or Rhino blanks do. Light cuts and slow feed rates were necessary to keep the carbide...
  2. E

    Holiday Pens

    Just finished a set of pens for gifting during the holidays (or maybe sale)... It’s weird how your favorite pen in a set can change from blank to turning to finishing and finally assembly.
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    Beach art
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  6. ramaroodle

    Substitute drill bit sizes

    I am making a pen for a customer that requires 10.5mm and .492" bits. Don't know how I missed it but I don't have those sizes (usually i forget to buy bushings). What I did notice was that the tubes fit in 13/32 and 31/64 inch holes. They are a little snug but can still be inserted with 2...
  7. Woodchipper

    Segmenting- sort of

    I got this blank at the Georgia symposium in September. I drilled and installed tubes in blanks for Slim Line pens. When I got ready to put them on the pen mill, I saw that the end of one of the blanks had a rough finish with a pocket of nothingness. Should have inspected it and trimmed it...
  8. J

    Need help, blanks with aluminum separating

    I want to move to more challenging turning. I found some pictures on here of pens with stripes of metal running the length of the barrel. I found this was aluminum flashing so I promptly went out and bought some, cut it, scuffed up the faces, and bonded it into two sandwich blanks using System...
  9. R

    Alumilite carbon fiber

    I have been working on some tube in castings with alumilite and carbon fiber. I am so close to having it right, but frustrating myself reading all of the threads. I thought I would ask directly. I am painting tubes black, allowing ample dry time (days) then adhering CF to tube using method...
  10. W

    Carvewright uses??

    I've been trying to figure out how to utilize my carvewright system in this new pen turning hobby. I looked at custom pen boxes and display cases, but they didn't satisfy the inner-pen turner:confused:. I was thinking, was to do a straight sided carving in a hardwood and then filling it in...
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