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  1. D

    Most Recent Realistic Cigar

    Here is the most recent "Cigar" pen that I finished. I used mesquite burl and dyed oak for the ash. I did the ash detail with my laser engraver. Would love to hear feedback.
  2. Two Tone Chrome Cigar Kirinite Turq Ice 640x480.jpg

    Two Tone Chrome Cigar Kirinite Turq Ice 640x480.jpg

    Commissioned pen asked to match body color of a pen from a European maker. Tried several blanks and the Kirinite Turquiose Ice looked best.
  3. P

    A Cigar pen

    Thanks to Dale Allen who made most of the pen I just helped finish it up at the mpgs. Thank you again for taking your time to do this I truly appreciate it and your demo was amazing as well as the hands on experience I learned that day...
  4. D

    Realistic Cigar Pens

    Here are a couple of my most recent pens using mesquite burl. These are so fun to make.
  5. Dale Parrott

    Six Ring "Celtic Knot"

    This was my second attempt with a six ring. The first ended tragically with a sever case of CA glue disease. The pen was made from northern Indiana mystery wood with a Padauk knot. I was happy with my workmanship but not so happy with the pen. I saw this knot in the wood before I started and...
  6. G


    Six Cigars (these are my first of those): the first three kits were from WC and the other three from CSUSA. I used Shellawax on the Purple Heart and Padauk (four applications; as much heat build up as I can stand) but Wood Turner's Finish on the other four wood blanks. I think I like WTF...
  7. jjudge

    .50 Cal pen ... parts ... ?

    No offense to those that like the .50 Caliber pen kits -- but I just do not like them. So, for the past couple years, I've been making my own. I buy once-fired, brass cartridges ... Barret .50 cal solid copper bullets ... and cigar pen kits. See on picasa They are well liked by the Air...
  8. patmurris

    Alternate to Cigar cheap clip?

    I like the Cigar but just can't stand the clip which looks rather cheap IMO - but the kit is cheap indeed. I was wondering if there is any way to replace it with something nicer which would look like the Jr Gent clip for instance, or something in between. I'm also having a closer look at other...
  9. Justin_F

    Shiraz vine and wedding set

    Hi guys, don't usually show my pens off but I'm a bit proud of these! My first shot at a Roman Harvest wedding set in Acrylic and a Cigar made from 40 year old Shiraz Vine from McLaren vale, South Australia (for you wine officianados). Please let me know what you think. Jus
  10. S

    Finally newbie pics.

    Ok, so these are a couple of the first few pens ive turned. 5 and 6 of 10 so far. One is a black cigar, and bocote blank. I finished sanding to 12000, and finished with a high friction polish. I just cant seem to get the CA finish just right yet. The other is a Vertex click, and some sort of...
  11. Dave Turner

    Jr Statesman II Cigar

    I decided to tackle something a little more challenging for a gift I wanted to make. This is my first attempt at a closed-end pen. Since this pen is going to an avid cigar fan, I felt a cigar theme was appropriate. The body of the pen is madrone burl. The ash simulation is buckeye burl. I did a...
  12. L


    Dark blue acrylic cigar with sparkling flakes. all comments are welcome!:rolleyes:
  13. Stick Rounder

    Soap Stone on Black Titanium Cigar

    Hello, This is my current offering. Soap Stone on Black Titanium Cigar. Yes, real stone. :biggrin: Finished with PR. All comments are welcome.
  14. A

    osage orange euro & white oak cigar

    I need a new camera! Osage Orange wasn't orange enough, so "dyed" it with a red sharpie. It was my first experiment with CA-BLO and the top tube turned out great, the bottom tube is splotchy; good experiment tho. White oak is just burnished with canning wax. Thanks for looking! I promise...
  15. Halfcaff

    Two new "Martin Cigars"

    I made these today. They are both out of walnut. Big thanks to Peter for the La Gloria band. The CAO band was from last night. I am going to have to make quite a few more because my local cigar shop wants some. I converted the cigar box to a cigar pen box for presentation of the pens...
  16. Halfcaff

    2 "Martin" Cigars (new pic added)

    I was so impressed with his cigar pens I had to try it. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! I'm a cigar lover so this was right up my alley. The first one I made was out of Red Mallee and buckeye burl. The second one is made out of Claro Walnut and buckeye burl. I used churchill...
  17. Halfcaff

    Cocobolo Humidor

    I had some spare pieces of cocobolo I was trying to find something to do with so I came up with this. I made the frame with the spare pieces and then bought some beautiful cocobolo for the top. It is lined with Spanish cedar. It seals amazingly and holds the perfect 70% humidity for the...
  18. Bree

    Bias-Cut Burma Teak Cigar

    I am not thrilled with this pen. Because I expected more. I got this teak board that is all curly... not heavy maple curl but a moderate yet distinct curl which is pretty uncommon in teak. To kick it up I decide to cut some on the bias. The wood had some dark streaks and other odd patches...
  19. Mark

    A few more.

    This is my first Diva Pen (went to my daughter). Of course I forgot to paint the tube, so lesson learned. MM to 12K and waxed. The second is a Cigar in Red Cedar (from Gary Max) CA - 2 coats Med. MM to 12K and waxed. I'm still working on my finishing. Thanks for looking.
  20. jimm1

    New Cigar

    Not too sure about the woods, but an interesting story: Went to a street fair here in Tennessee. Didn't show this time. Saw this guy with pretty amazing cutting boards and bought a small 12" bread board with this pattern. I told him why I was buying it. I wasn't sure whether or not he was happy...
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